Earth 4 Event Fail Blog

I didn’t even boost a single token lmao. Trust me it’s soo worth watching you babies cry! LMAO!

i only see you salty and crying lol


Both sides got pretty injured imo.


As I predicted, these boys are all about saving face XDD so fast to bark in the comment section. It took less than 5 mins LOOL.

You sure that isn’t the real bilal?
Looks similar to me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Real Bilal is a big cutie :blush:

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Good kill

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This guy talks big.

Then got trapped.

Then got kicked by his team.


Take ur leader back. He got kicked. Time to feed ur boy once more. LMAOOOO

No shame in losing lol. Just I don’t get why you guys hide both sides of the BR all the time. I played this era for like 8 hours now in total and been looking for a way out of it ever since I started (totally not for me xD) Luckily I went to pee and came back to see a nuke and myself lock with a nuke incoming (thanks for putting an end to my misery whoever killed me and wp)

and that’s the end of my mini troll :smiley: would say was fun whilst it lasted but fk me 12 tickers ain’t for me and ain’t fun


Why you always lyinggg? Stop lyyyyingg…alwayss lying to meee. 8 hours. Try 80. Still LOSEEEE

Got kicked. LMAOOOOOOO

You’ve played a total of 647 ticks starting from you planting to troll me and started ur scheme to get fed by your bot allies. Then quit after got kicked by ur own team. LMAOOOO. 8 hours of shame more like.

spoken like a true sore loser. LMAOOOOO. come on man, bark. It’s been over 5 minutes. Beat dogs tend to act this way.

Why did you get kicked? Was it some ridiculous pro plan you conjured? From leader to all 5 members voted you out. Must be a spectacle!!

here we go, Nopy’s minion is typing.

mE iS mINiON, i ToTALly WaRsHIp NoPY.

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I thought it’s Bilal the beggar.

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In all seriousness, he has no intention of arguing with you, it’s better for you to play the game, instead of trying to get Nopy to talk.