Earth 3 restarted!


Life is boring, and we can barely afford it,
We’ve been Blindly assuming, that this won’t be our downfall,

When we work for the council,
Stuck with a house full,
Of kids that we now adore ,
But we made on a wim,

Though we fade and we dim,
We’re amazing and slim,
The queens and the kings,

We’ll be dancing, forever,
We don’t know any better,
We’re lazy, Whatever
At least we stick together,

We’re the greatest, I mean it,
We’ll never be defeated,
You can Take us, or leave us,
We don’t care if you believe us


E3 Era 108 Neutron why?

Emphasis on that 1-1 unit loss second round.



How’s this actually?


Get over it, it was years ago.


Also, Uchi wasnt even apart of that nor was he in the alliance.


i’ll do it as my boss

If you wake up in the dead of the night,
You’ll hear us creeping around.
Look above you and we’ll give you a fright,
Because we’re floating off the ground!

Chorus And we go
Boo! In the morning.
Boo! In the evening.
Boo! Ev’ry time you go to turn out the light.

Boo! When you’re sleeping.
Boo! When you’re dreaming.
Boo! We’re the monsters that go bump in the night!



it was last year lol, probably 18 months by now. i dont hold many grudges but the ones i do i will enact on it. you’ll never beat my team if we’re both going FTW. i suggest you dont try. just a waste of your tokens.


the pupusa was angry that the school didnt accept her dog


It’s T it’s T it’s T it’s T it’s T it’s T it’s T it’s T it’s T it’s T-series.


ive never even fought you going for the win? And yes, i agree, my team wont beat you. But at least i dont need to be carried. Funny how when you backstab its okay, but god forbid if someone does it to you. hypocritical much?


also, @LeBoink I dont even have a team lmao.


oh wow, e1, heartbroken, cry, much, lost, memories, my life is a lie


Gage: you didnt mention me in people youll bring along, im hurt
Also gage: I dont even have a team.

Leo isnt the only one traumatised.


Why would gage bring a quitter




sorry guys, i meant a team i can assemble. :cry:



Shakes and shivers and a horrible scream,
Or howling under the moon.
This is more than just a terrible dream,
Because were crawling from the gloom.
Bridge Spooking you is the thing that we do,
You just better beware.
Ghosts and ghouls and a skeleton crew,
Are hiding everywhere.