Earth 3 restarted!


Hi Dawners!

Home sweet home! The Earth 3 map has been cleaned and it waiting for you to place your colony!

Who will dominate this fast paced server in the new Era?
It’s your chance! Come and join now.
There will be a 15% discount for the first 24 hours as long as the ticks stay paused.
Rules are:

10 players /alliance
Standard token prices for winning alliances (3000, 750, 500 )
BUT tons of chances to win blue tokens during the whole era for individual players
Let’s make it a fun era!

  • Ilona

Have fun!


the I love Ilona (IlIl) alliance is based and cool.

let’s make it good era my dudes.


Tick 2:


5 Full teams already on a 10 man server , not bad at all.


IlIl seems to have conquered a few members of WBI already, probably while they were off. Let’s see what happens


“Standard” … Why improve right? Lets still keep doing the same. I just hope the activity don’t be lame as the others Admin were.
Keep this threat updated pls, I wanna make sure I can play another world in the future and not only E1.


Well, as I said, I’ll give out a lot tokens during the whole era.
For the start, I placed 17 garrisons with 2 crystals each and will reward 50 Tokens for each garrison.

A lot more to come :slight_smile:


50 token for each garrison :smile:


I think as regular active player, you can make 500-1k tokens this era without even being in an alliance. 50 tokens and 2 crystals sounds odd, but not on tick 2 and if I defended it with 3 infantry :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll reward this era activity, not sitting and watching and take the benefits from having an active alliance while you are sleeping.

Some people might hate it… we’ll see :slight_smile:


This is something good, at least you’re trying… Hating or not, we improve when we try.


era is good as over only stable allince with a good holding is IIII

They have Asia it seems and a good porting of SA


Eh, An isn’t in a bad spot.


Yeah position is ok but they have a few members who don’t seem to be all to active while IIII seems to be overly active it’s their win for sure unless we got some NAP’s :eyes:


Tick 41:

Seems IIII in the drivers seat at the moment, owning most of Asia and some of South America. However An, BLUE, DMR, OOTW also seem competitive.


Please change your name to Reporter Nick


Just giving the people what they want :wink:


why did IIII start in asia and SA?


think they could’ve went 2 Asia 2 Africa 2 europe 2 NA and 2 SA


WBI is also a good team they just kinda got squashed on early, but could still make a contribution depending on how things pan out.


If IIII can capitalise on their good start and take SA Asia and EU i’d say that would put them in a very comfortable position. Will be fun to follow this thread.

@THENICKRULZ thanks for the updates mate. appreciate it.