Earth 3- Era 124 :: DRAMA by NOPY for 5v5 battle


  1. Don’t type there anything: else you will be kicked in no-time.
  2. That will be READ-only group
  3. As skype changes the feature, so there is no option to set this group “READ-only”
  4. Anything you want to type, share at the forums, separate Link title: E3: era 124 NOPY’s DRAMA
  5. Read it with no bias
  6. It will be available on well if no1 followed these rules. will be prohibited from joining.
  7. to go on top: use searches and type this " The TRUTH: DID he really sell out? or got framed? ". else you can scroll to top in skype groyp.

There are some screenshots left about AD @Adversarius that will be shared here.

@SayerJW @Crusnik @Teaa @NiNja @Not_Halo_of_Mars @wanheda

Group Link :

Lmao:: Idiot of NOPY keep supporting him. Started typing, cant follow one simple rule. These idiot’s doesn’t even care to read the whole chat.

Nopy reactions: just spamming chats.


Sum it up here, skype sucks and even in there its all over the place for the ones not planted

Okay, so you’re just showing snippets of the chat.

  1. 1st of all. You’re not showing that JW didnt lead us at all. Tried to get us killed with idiotic orders, while you’re taking out snippets of us discussing what we will do. I let you read the chat cause I thought u had some kind of beef with Nopy and wanted to play for the win. But instead you’re trying to save face of your friend JW. You disbanded your own alliance and are telling your members to join us cause idk, ur afraid of going against Nopy?

  2. 2nd of all. Yes, I did not like JW from the start since I’ve had experineces of him selling his team out for 62 reds ( reference to Halo’s meme ). But if you read the chat you would have seen, how me and Neptune were leading the team against Poo in Europe and Africa, trying to cooperate with others and make team attacks. While JW was MIA, doing idk what.

  3. You are soooo jumping to conclusions. You’re trying to make something out of nothing by sharing snippets of entire chats, while adding some text that makes someone look bad.

  4. You’re just trying to save your friend’s face by continuing this drama trying to make people believe that Nopy actually needed to use spies and whatnot, since you yourself cant beat him in a fair fight. As everyone will see in the era that we will fight Poo since we aint pussies like you that need to make forums post about someone being a spy or someone needing spies to win. You can fight friends in BD, since IT IS A WAR GAME.


@Adversarius tell nopy to share proofs now if any are there other than those MSG chats,

I will or I will ask some1 to share them here. @Smokey

Why are you telling me to ask Nopy? You can ask him yourself, im not your messenger dumbass.

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I beleive your the one who is dumb ! you do realise your also part of this scheme of framing JWxD

Sayer why are you even here again? Also please type so people could actually understand your broken english.

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I thought JWxD was what all you mentioned beleived you guys . Why are you misleading people and tricking them ??? It hurts ! And when truth comes out your ignoring trying to get peopel out

What are you even trying to say? Your english is so broken, im missing the entire point of your comment

You missing everything! If any1 can tag Luis here. It will be good… else some animals will keep barking in support of NOPY…they dont even care to read the entire chat… Just wanna follow the NOPY blindly.

Keep barking at everyone. I hope it will make you happy :smiley: . Also DONT DRAG ME AND OTHERS INTO YOUR CRUSH OF NOPY so that you cant leave him alone.

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Where are the PROOFS @Adversarius @Teaa… Just paste them here. stop bullshitting around here.

What is your objective even?

How did this become even your problem? This was between AA and JW xD. It’s not even related to your dumbass.

Also, why are you kicking me. I wanna see people actually tell you dumbasses that ure cunts

What do you even wanna see xD? If I understood that I’d throw it out there.



Hey Dumbass, get your ass to NOPY’s and cry in his arms. Just admit you don’t have anything to Prove just your idiotic statements. and those early NAPS messages, thats what you call a sellout. There is a screenshot proves that whole team knows about it.

All screenshots will be avaialble here. @Adversarius, and you @Adversarius, There is still a screenshot of you accepting 2nd postion from nopy. While this Nopy @Teaa have fun at E3.

@Adversarius and who so ever support @Teaa … Ask @Adversarius to let you join his chat with history chat enable. You find out byyourself.

they dont even care to read the entire chat… Just wanna follow the NOPY blindly.

I have read the entire chat. And now im still following nopy, just not blindly anymore.


Finally someone with a brain that isnt jumping to conclusions xD

I’m no psychic but I had a hunch that Jason & JW xD were both plebs.

My WNF homie SayerJW and I were actually going to join BILL early era, but I really wanted the chance to fight Nopy again.

So I convinced SayerJW to join TECS/AA with me…only to find out JW xD was trying to bargain us for some pocket lint. Man I miss WNF :confused:

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Halo. I love you man, mostly ur memes but still :smiley:

Gimme ur skype so we can play some fun eras together.

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