Earth 3-Era 119

Alright, I’m hearing a lot of talk about the wars on this Earth 3, but can’t find a post on it anywhere, and I’m not planted. Anyone care to drop an update, and some alliance territory screenshots, for those of us not playing?


No, No.
No. No no. No. No.

Make me admin.


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im kidding

so we planted planning to farm this world

i planted with abdul rafay

and apparently T guys planted

and now we fight like cats and dogs

that is all

and i died 2x this era



so who’s winning? who has the most territory? who’s ranked higher? please give us more…don’t be a tease hehe

Where’s Reporter Pete when we need him?

Nothing much just a fun war going between the gays and the Mexicans
@Djina you suck booooo :pig2:

There ya go.

T gang (correct me if its not them): ALI. PS gang: Gays (duh)

As far as I know, before war started Gays had control in Asia Africa ans Aussie, while ALI had the Americas. So far, Gays has taken GL. They had pushed a bit into NA (you can see a few remnants), but took a few hits and had to retreat back it seems. ALI had 2(?) people die, and 1 of them was replaced.

All in all, quite an interesting war, if at all RW will join in remains to be seen. WN is allied to ALI, but not sure if they have directly engaged Gays.

Top 5:

Come along and throw salt at each other. Lets get the forums back up and runnin in time for CE?

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Thanks kuzuma, so who are RW? anyone know? seems they have 5 relics, but less power than gays who have no relics and close to SIADA. Maybe RW seeks to capitalize on the war between gays and ali and take all relics for the win without having to engage anyone? Super interesting era it seems…please keep us posted.

Tick 938

Not a lot of changes, Gays seems to be trying to invade NA again, lets see how that goes. Some BC trashtalk too :slight_smile: spice the forums up too pls


oh dang, that’s an interesting territory map for #1/2/3. That’s kind of evenly distributed.


mex vs the word even now mex are bunch back staber hat off they are great players

Update please…heard there was some good fighting today.

Since era has 1500 tick limit I figured I’d post some for everyone since war likely won’t be properly finished.


1500 ticks…what a shame…thanks for the update. Looks like fun.

Tick 1154

Wow super era too bad it ends in 350 ticks

hey guys, does anyone know what this means?

i sent the admin a message prior to receiving a warning but she never opened it, and hasnt responded on skype either.


Looks like it is a warning for being a farm. Did you build ops for someone else to take?

Of course not, I only planted after you made this forum thread cus the era seemed interesting and to annoy some people. I havent built ops for anyone, taking ops from anyone in a farming manner, none of that
What seems odd to me, that someone else seems to be using Ilonas account or atleast admining her world while she is offline

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Hmmm that is strange. Good luck hun.

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trash ass mex, guess they used to farming dead worlds, better luck next time, my kills from the last 12 hours alone.
Planted tick 850
let me guess, the usual crap when they lose “we werent ftw, we werent trying, we were having fun, all the people we planted didnt even do anything”