Earth 2 The Ultimate Showdown

Here is some begging lmao

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haha actually thats called baiting you @BOB.

seems biggie is like you but his “pull out” game is weak

and it worked. thanks for the XP!

Bro did you honestly believe that? Those messages were so that you wouldn’t be a sucker and pull your army like last time. I fooled you into thinking you would win, oldest trick in the book. Grow up. You got fcked, not once but twice. Relax, spend momma’s credit card more and learn to pick up on real life cues.

twas all a clever ruse! to stop you dancing around europe like cinderella!

at tick 338
top4 fighting with each other !!! funny era after long time

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Bob being a troll name because Bob the BOOSTER is trying to build it. but can he fix it??

i admit, that was a well executed plan. but while you won that battle, it appears youre losing the war.

one by one losing members to remote corners of the world.

soon bob will be all bob-alone

i’d rather to see brs instead of shit talks

When Bob finally realizes that all those “begging messages” were intended for him not to pull back and lose his entire army (1.1k infantry).

Facepalm moment.

When Dumb dumb finally realizes I’m literally going to suicide into you all era

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When dumb dumb realizes we knew we would lose. And realizes we will do this everyday until you quit

Face palm moment lol

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Losing the war?? I told you my only goal is you don’t get 2nd… and now because you wanna act so tough on the Fourm

your not getting 3rd either

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sending message so Bob can message more hahaha hf all

do not lie on the forum man.

you did this before you even saw the forum. you placed as a troll because we are a force to be reckoned with and your mates asked you to spend 150usd to troll.

nice job. no hate but really, try and be a better sportsman

Mate, you might be r4tarded. You literally died twice. Out of our baits to request you to pull back. Sure, hide your all macho behaviour behind the fact that you got killed twice. Not the one to blame, post more. Who cares. Honestly wait are you R4tarded fr? You really think we intended to beg to you for some 2nd rank? What a R4tard. Lmfao your master offered peace with you when we made NAP with him, but we rejected it. Fcktard wouldn’t we have made peace with you then if we would be so scared of you? Bob don’t get your hopes too high, your only legacy this era was being a slave for your master and being his little troll planter, to fight some noobs. Hope you sleep better at night and grow some common sense to comprehend real life situations.

You guys sure made good use of that xp and range 4 :joy::joy:

Another attacking coming. I hope mommy leaves me her credit card again so I can rebuild tomorrow

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Of course, you would be fcked into the rabidhole without reds, purchase more like a crying baby. Thats all your legacy bro, clap clap

mfw there was only 4 range 4 in that army. relax your horses big ego man

Didn’t you start with 300 more power then us and rank 2nd alliance? Now look at you

Yup you guys are winning :joy:


Think about it @all
If i farmed an army and used it toget range 4 and bob BUYS an army. who really lost that battle?

as for the ambush. little ambush it was no xp units except for 4. and we got your tb downgraded. lol

60 units ambushed vs 1.3k
who is winning again?