Earth-2 .... PNKA versus INF

Hey! its me again!!

Tick-12 no known wars till now :yawning_face:
If any ftw team’s could update it would be sick :slight_smile:


What alliance u in nub

Waiting for some dude to invite me :frowning:

interesting top 2 alliance in asia sharing land
Hope to see some war there

Tick-172 Heho and INF faught with kills on both sides, Share battle reports if you see this but in the end they decided to fall to communism and merge to make a greater USSR,
Current wars
INF vs RAW, i don’t know if this even qualifies since it’s a one sided massacre
DOM (Previously BWC) VS LOW (HINI, maybe not sure but member’s do match)
DOM has crossed to Africa and doing war stuff and also in EU somehow idk but HINI is fighting back, more war stuff, i would post screenshot’s but that’s just too much work as for now I don’t have a lot of battle report’s

If any of the big team’s see’s this please upload the battle report’s here
Oh yeah WLR vs INF could be happening as well havn’t looked at that side much


Now it’s PNKA / INF / LoW left.

Let’s seee what happens.

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There are fuckton of BRs but we prefer to post memes instead …


I’d love to see some BRs though.


Too much work @youssefkh can you post them? Both kills and deaths

Here are some memes I made



Some BRs …



Can someone ask this guy to stop posting his normie memes?


No :sunglasses::sunglasses:
Lemme kill this game while i quit

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Some more


Not sure if worth it :slight_smile:






Just to clear up things.
I named the topic this because :

  1. Clickbait cause why not :sunglasses:
  2. I don’t actually know what to name this topic.

What has happened is that this E2 - Era 102 has some server issues or just mistreatment towards my team from the admin’s
We have experienced a lot of problem’s on the era and for some reason it always favors the opposition team and no i am not saying this cause i am salty we are losing, the war itself is actually even as of now but it would be a different scenario if the server issues did not happen.

Well, for starter’s I myself has gotten IP matched with 3 other’s of my team ign:
(Wont revel name for obvo reasons)
On top of this one of my team has also IP matched with one of the enemy team which mean’s he can’t launch on his op’s and vice versa (not quite sure about * one of the enemy team * not being able to launch since his team hasn’t noticed anything yet, which furthermore add’s to my mistreatment point)

Can send more proof to admin’s on skype just not revealing info over here.

Since we have gotten ip matched, I can’t send resources to anyone out of the other 3 and on any future era’s we can’t attack eachother which is completely bullshit cause we have not shared accounts

I made one of the guy i ip matched with on my team leave the alliance on Mars 1 and send spy to my colony.

That’s with the IP issues and now to the things that have caused us to not get kill’s and favored the enemy

  1. Spy damage not registering
    One of my team mate’s lost a squad cause the spy attack didn’t register, he tried it multiple times at EOT at 40 seconds reamaining since the first one didn’t register and pop up in the events, If you’re gonna tell me tick passed early again more mistreatment

    The br

And how it should have looked like :

This would not have happened if not for the fucking us up and yeah I realize the veh are also at 1 hp, but the inf would die either way
Didn’t really get any proof of when it happened but so far that’s the only squad he lost because at the level he is playing, it rival’s the one of the goat’s
I am not going on about losing 1 squad, but them getting their 2 squad’s saved

  1. Tick ending early
    My team had managed to lock down one of INF member “Bile” this time it worked but the tick ended about 12 second’s to early, i can excuse upto 4 cause i don’t expect perfection, but it should be perfect!
    And before you tell me don’t do 12 second eots we ain’t warring bunch of newbies they do eots that almost match the likes of eot smoke (nothing compares to me obviously :sunglasses:)
    But due to it ending early, one wasn’t able to launch, hence he survived

  2. Tick ending delayed by 5 whole minutes

So we managed to trap them yet AGAIN! this time no screenshot’s because we did the origin and destination defend thingy, and I used pc and puffin so can confirm they did not turn till 0:02 of the tick timer (If they did and didn’t show on my screen this game is absolutely shit)
But then, boom boom boom
tick extends
it was 4 or5 mins went from x:15 to x:19-20 in my time

  1. Unfair bans
    two ban’s popped up and got unban pretty quick so not gonna rant about this a lot but due to ban one of my member’s got LD didn’t loes anything but time, still shouldn’t have happened

And i even gave a head’s up in the big chat saying ip mixing up we havn’t cheated but no
its just smokey crying because he is trash
@adminjoe, fix your world
And don’t ghost us please, reply with only a “k” so we actually know you’re not just sleeping on your bed and actually doing something to try and fix the misshaps

If you decide to go ham and disband what should have been lost, do it end the torture remind me what sleep is please :slight_smile:

If proven wrong on any point I will write an apology as long as this

P.S- I am restricted to what i can show on here cause i obviously being the noob and the dumbhead of the team don’t want to cause any trouble to other’s spending equal time and attention to the game, but i will send whatever admin asks on skype,discord
Skype - Smokey :^
Discord - SmokeyBD (LAgDPigPr0)#8650