Earth 2 Era 88 - 3 alliances, who wins?


Is no one talking about this? I heard SGC is playing this era, under the tag NAME (previously food).

Also, that yinyang is fake


Tick 252

Interesting era so far. 10/10


if sgc is name who are the rank 1 and rank 2 alliances


tick 252 stats



Correct me if i’m wrong, but it seems as if one of the main events atm is DOWB & TW vs XPND, T10, & TC.


If SGC was there you would have already seen Rank -1,2,3 taken by there players


honestly dont see a single name there that would be a SGC name lol


Well now their name is SGC…


Man they keep changing names. From the alliances rankings posted above:

XPND is now WHAT
DOWB is now IDK
NAME is now AK. They changed tag to SGC for a while


I was told by a member of XPND that they had reached a truce with DOWB and TW because NAME got too powerful. TC is not working with XPND, they independently warred TW but skippy seemed to flip out all of a sudden and kicked his whole alliance.


This is true. He got mad at us for not moving in on you guys fast enough, so to say he and someone else attacked you guys while we were getting setup. And Wretched Avenger is one hell of an egotistical asshole. Btw TC is now ZK


Tick 297



You beat me to it by a few seconds >:(


get rekt noob



AK seems to be in a quite strategic and good position lets see how the era turns out to be
Looks interesting tho.


Tick 363
AK pushing AA while Afk pushing Africa and NA, and 2 members of REAL conquered in AA



Which one is Afk??..


EU, yinyang’s team. They keep changing names sigh

The double team on REAL tho…


We’re the AK noob.
Afk our sub


Shhhh child