Earth 1, era 52

Before we even attack your sub leader, yall Launced 2 attacks on ArA and made aggressive moves towards his colony. Just because he had crystals and conqs doesnt mean it gives your the right to attack thinking he was weak.


hey now its BD
since when do people need to make excuses to fight.
isn’t that the point of the game; fight.


I dont completely agree with you. I remember there was a time when there were people actually friends on game throughout era’s. They would compete, but not just by fighting, but actually competing to get more income, by just being active and gettin conquers etc. It’s definitely not the only point of the game, is what i am trying to highlight mate


I remember those days, they sucked, Fighting is where the fun is at not sleeping and being score whores.
Battlehugging is and was a curse , I am happy that Battlehugging is no longer such a big thing


Leader of LoP, FS has been conqoured!


Envy34 seems to be dead too…Looks like XPND killed him somewhere i guess…ANy br??

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As a member of noobs and as a representative of the noobs everywhere initiative, we hereby declare this act of war as unjustified and a very newbie behavior. The members of of the Noobs everywhere initiative would like to sanction the XPND from expanding anywhere past the borders of the USA, and if they are in violation of that then they have to pay the leaders of the top 10 alliances (not including their own) a just amount of 150 reds. If anyone has any questions please message me in game (throwaway email btw)


Well LoP is basically dead, they didn’t put up much of a fight, seems they mostly quit after we started attacking in earnest,
I suppose they expected they could just attack us and we wouldn’t retaliate .

Only feel bad(sort of) for the return, he stabbed his alliance ( I think its a stab from the many BCs) XPND to join LoP while they were at war only for LoP to quit 50 ticks later


My side of the story…

So I am just back in BD the last month after being out for I think about 4 years. Yeah, a lot of us are like that. Well, I had no friends who are still playing when I jumped back in.

I dropped a colony in E1 like a day after it started, seen XPND near me. Remembered the named from years ago. I linked up and joined. XPND wasn’t awful. A couple of pretty new players. A couple of active players. However, most of the alliance didn’t talk to each other. Half of them logged in once a every two days and weren’t trying at all. Could not coordinate to save our lives. Always yelling at each other…

So I left XPND. Told them I wouldn’t attack them, colonies and outposts, and I would fully stay out of the war. Knuckle honored that and didn’t attack me back. A pretty civil break up considering the situation.

LoP? Man, the first day I joined them I was like “YES. THIS IS WHAT BD IS ALL ABOUT” They were actually active. Used discord to chat and seemed to really enjoyed each other. It’s been forever since I had an BD era like that.

When IK attacked just a day or two later, we weren’t ready for it. Everyone just threw in the white towel. I understand IK felt justified for their attack. I didn’t know much details or history since I just joined LoP.

So yeah, you can call it karma. I basically lost everything for nothing. But I did feel like I met a lot of awesome people this era. I have been introduced to several communities since getting back into the game. Now I am known as a “backstabber,” hopefully that goes away soon. I’m sure every little move I make for the next era or two will be closely watched. But, I guess it’s worth it, getting to know the people I did. I know there is other ways to reach out and join families without backstabbing. But I was just a returning player excited to jump back into a real team. Thought I could pull it off without making too many people upset.

That’s my story. Hopefully a few of you understand. :slight_smile:


makes sense…

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Anyone got updates on the Mfix and XPND war?


yay my time to write story

Peaceful Expansion in Europe Asia and Africa :
As the MFIX forces who have established territory and peace in Europe were now spreading their network towards asia , africa and Iceland. During this expansion we met the leader of IK and Sigh who greeted our soldiers with gifts and said they were looking forward to maintain peace and work with each others cooperation in this region. After getting such an overwhelming response MFIX empire forces moved towards their next destination Iceland and Greenland.

Further Expansion in Greenland halted :
2 outpost were planted on iceland to establish a stronghold to get an idea of the region before our forces moved in. The radar and portal were almost about to start but we lost the signal or any kind of contact from these outpost , a small squadron was rushed to check what had lead to the shutdown of contact from these outposts. Meanwhile our small squadron was enroute our intelligence minister used the sattelites to scan the area and reported to us that XTND and LLOP have taken the outposts.

Recovering Iceland , waging war with XTND :
After our small squadron succesfully managed to recover the outposts and managed to get the portal and radar functioning again and take control of iceland , we had a small chat with one of the XTND members who asked our intention after we had retaken our ops but after he realized his leader was the one who initiated the attacks we never heard from him again.

After massing forces in iceland we moved towards XTND colonies and managed to conquer and kill 2 of their members with very limited struggle.

Tamaz and Khossi

XPND to the rescue :
As soon as we started our attacks on XTND the well known Foreign affair minister of XPND sent us a message which seemed more like a threat

XPND MoFA Threat


Although later he became more humble towards us but also told that attacks on XTND will be avenged by XPND.

Wasting no further time after this clear warning our army commanders ordered the soldiers to disable any kind of gates and radar of XPND on their way. Which lead to the MFIX vs XPND war after they came towards greenland with 50+ squads to tackle MFIX forces. The war wages on.

Tick 366

Small moral boosting victories





that was alot of effort for that one update, props to you


Woah, that was a fun read…Even tho a few facts were twisted, i liked how it sounded


Soldiers Diary
Day 5
Its Been 5 days since we have been pushed back to iceland. Idk if XPND troops will kill us first or this chilling winter. With every passing day sitting inside these metal giants is becoming harder and harder. The only warmth we get is by the explosion of dozen of nukes that enemy lauches towards us trying to hide the sound of his army movement, even though u can still see these things from miles away and then all that is of no use.

XPND troops trying to move in amid the mass nuke launch


There were some 2-3 more squads death if we merge all the small half squad kills but nvm.

Today we killed a Rifle man named Billy , he crossed the frontline ran with the vehicles and tanks in the freezing cold only to be faced by a major chunk of our army and even in his last moments managed to deliver the report of how many troops we have before we killed him. All rifle man grow with the dream that one day they solo capture an outpost by themselves or die delivering enemy troop report. i think he served his purpose and is now at peace.

I hope this war ends soon before we die of all this nuke radiation , i do plan to meet my family in europe and want to see my son grow up to be a R5 Sniper…

"These were the last words of a tank operator who was working in an APC , they fought bravely when some ATV guided vehs tried to enter iceland but died defending our outposts. But his death shall not go in vain we will make XPND pay for every soldier they have killed , every tank they have destroyed , victory will be ours and XPND will be destroyed into dust. "
MFIX Leader 13ane
Tick 447


(Message addressing people of Republic of MFIX)
Dear Fellow Countrymen,
We have some good news and some bad news for you. Our forces on the frontline have shown Great Courage and Valor and with combined efforts of our Forces and intelligence agency we have managed to make enemy troops fall into traps and destroy a lot of them.The Greenland deadlock has been broken and now the enemy has fallen back into North america.

Various cities like Renokye , Zombie and heimdall have declared themselves independent from XPND Rule and left. I only have one message for all cities declaring themselves independent , u may have ur freedom but the oil wells belong to us now.

XPND & XTND Losses

Now the Bad news, As per our last contact with cities in svalbard they reported nukes incoming from Greenland which caused major losses , hundreds of people are dead and homeless. Some of those cities tried activating ion canon to destroy those nukes but due to the lack of energy they failed and nukes caused the devastation. Some metal mines and oil factories were also hit by those nukes which has effected the production of those cities. We stand together with people and their families in this serious time of trouble.

They have hurt us in our heartland (svalbard) and trust me when i say our forces will give them a befitting reply and wont rest until we have taken our revenge of their cowardly act of targeting innocent people of our cities. Revenge will come my fellow countrymen and it will be as cold as the freezing winter of Greenland…
MFIX Leader 13ane

Tick 540



Finally a kill in the MFIX and XPND War
It was a 9 round battle


hmm, nice nice…my turn.

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