E3 Era 108 Neutron why?


So this era is turning out to be a lot more fun then i had though.

As a lot of you ppl know i like to plant waste some reds and troll people because im horrible at the game :wink:

Anyway not that long ago, in the big skype ( most active players are in it, if you are not hit me up and ill add you in ) @NeutronX was asking for a challenge.

at the time no one wanted to face him, and he was acting high and mighty.
Kent heard about this during the M3 event, and asked NeutronX where to plant so they could figth, NeutronX pussied out and then the great idea sprong forth.
As Neutron is planted and in the rank 1 alliance on E3, Kent gathered together people that wanted to fight them and this is what happend:

Rank 1 team:

Rank 2 team got called in:

The era is far from over, but at the moment its super pepega. and most of the times i cant belive my eyes when i see the lvl of plays this guys are pulling off.
Valor attacked the colony of uhm at a diffrent eta then his team just to die alone…

also they are probably going to make a come back talking about how we got a lot of spammers and so on.
we are currently 6 players or so that planted 3 days ago or if you want 400 ticks late, + the inactive members that was all ready planted 11 guys in total 5 of them swapped out coz super inactive.

and this is how the map looks at tick 643:


Can i also add it seems IK, rank 12 team are 6 ppl planted in our hive to help the rank 1 team.
i must say it dont really seem like NeutronX wants a challange tbh seems he baby raging about not getting his free win.


in game scores if people wonder:

and the top 12 players:


Not to mention that Rank 1 and Rank 2 teams were supposed to fight each other? Then Shanks, #2’s leader sent us this

and sttabed us. Some ppl say he just said that to stab us, others says 1st team really paid 'em, idk what happened. But in the end both started attacking Meow.


@Kaen Did u even lose this title to him? :man_facepalming:


I should have asked for 20k at the rate I’m dying


Well why not just ask for 10k more to continue or you back off and let rank 1 fight the war themselves?


I am not using my reds this era, I will save for the next


People complaining about teams being paid reds whilst playing with MK is hilarious


i think you misunderstood, they got paid to stab.
i believe its the stabbing part most ppl are mad about, not the reds part.
and its fun coz its a decent amount of reds, PPG really would need them self rn to rebuild xD


please do not be mad this is just how life is, ppg are wealthy in the real world and your alliance is not, your guy only counter offer 800 reds, that is just life, but it is okay because you guys are very active and kicking my butt, keep fighting my friend


A few corrections , as usual.

  1. IK is planted of their own accord although I did ask Gage to plant after seeing the number of planters ya’ll brought. I haven’t asked IK to lift a single finger. Unlike the 6 planters I’ve relocated around my colony plus , Meh alliance , NUF alliance etc which you guys brought to feed and fight for your sorry asses.

  2. PPG did not pay a single dime to anyone. I don’t even have reds let alone pay someone. @Shanks enough of the jokes bruh lol

You (@MikotoSouh et al) can keep posting and talking big on here. History is always written by the winners so you guys better beat me. Otherwise all this will turn into a string of lame excuses.


Meh planted tick 50… and its sleeping alliance

MK and Kent planted when they heard you are there, like 3 days ago

You all got helpers so no need to cry… and to to say how much rank 1 and 2 got more power and income…


yet an other play hit the dust.



3rd time :confused:

@trajic1 @sasuke96 @Excel @Gaurav

i think he is trying to steal my title of Mikotosucido


Or maybe he thought u would have a smaller army for someone who planted 3-4 days ago :smiley:


not my kill, im not uhm sadly.

but ok that exsplain why he died the first time, but what about the other 2? xD

my army wont get any smaller with time when all ppg is dodge a figth w twice our army.




for people who dont like links


Better post the BR quick guys