Draft event Era 2020 (Start of December, https://forms.gle/ubAfdSuN4HAH5ctw7)

no #characterlimit420blazeit

Imagine the comunity making an event era 3 moths after CE has finished while BD Administration cant even make 10 plastic trophies 9 months since CE started.


I bet you they had to redo as Cosmin already had it done for HINI. And boy, when he saw who won he didn’t like it.


pretty nuts when you realize that could actually be true :smiley:

Anyway, Leaders announced later today

Crowd-fund $100 and I’ll lead if you pay me

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So I had a list of suggested leaders consisting of all kind of players like
Yessum, FNF, Raaghav, ppbhardwaj,Colin, Abdul, Greeny, BlackPanther ,Yousseff, Harvester, Nopy
I picked the 5 leaders based on maturity, experience, activity, warmongering and willingness to cooperate for the wellbeing of the event. List is updated on the draft spreadsheet

Say Hello to


We have @EnerGY working on a possible HTML custom made draft tool, which we can’t guarantee is going to happen, but would definitely love to livestream the draft by Sunday evening with something we have created ourselves

Game staff’s attention has been attracted, so the moment era settings and rewards are negotiated we’ll be making the official Era announcement


So who’s gonna be livestreaming the actual draft?

I’d nominate @Kenny and I know @Greeny wanted to as well.

Gotta make sure to have VOD enabled on twitch though or we’ll lose footage when it ends.

Capo, wanted me to do it. I dont mind if kenny does saves me time to pick players tbh since ill be leading and i wouldnt have to worry about streaming but its fine if i have too

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For me doesn’t matter who does it really as long as we have the video afterwards :smiley:

Good point though, since you have to pick players as well may be easier if you don’t commentate. But who knows, could also just make for more interesting commentary.

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Carter can do the livestream! I know he won’t lose the footage :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoever doesn’t lose the footage! Have 2 live streams :stuck_out_tongue:

yes i`m in yes that is was be fun