Do we need a 6 tickers


Do we need a 6 ticker [poll type=regular results=on_vote max=40 public=true]

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  • No


welp that worked out great :confused:

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  • No

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Not necessarily as a new server, but atleast as an event :slight_smile:


I agree as a server I feel like people would get burned out but as an event it would be fun


No, it would kill people. Most of us get sick of a full 3 or 4 ticker


but then there are some of us who play hardcore and would love it


Ofc, I would enjoy it a little, but it would require people to drop everything in life to play. They could do an event but I feel it be an easy win for maybe one team because in order to fully compete the competition would need to be just as active.


That sounds pretty spot on I’ve noticed a lack of competition on faster servers


We cant pull up competition on rest worlds and you want them to do a 6 ticker that probably would be played by you and none else to make it even more worse
Maybe you should play mars 1 or other worlds that dont even have complete alliances and are dead mostly.
I agree with your idea of 6 tickers but we need to get competition up in dead eras before doing any further events or fast tickers.
Its always good to throw your ideas about the game around but i hope you understand it :slight_smile:


very true, it would be a ton of fun… if only we had the activity


though i was surprised at how many people at least planted in the latest Mars event


Yes and we werent expecting it to be that much boring and easy
Although many old players made their comeback from that m3 but lets hope for the best :slight_smile:


lol, wassnt much of a come back


It is not to hard to make an event like that easy, just grab 50 of your fellow gonnies and play


Well but the same type of event was experimented on Galaxy servers and it proved to be a great one
@Gaurav and team won it


galaxy, i have never been in an active galaxy era, so i have no idea. Even my noob ass gets top 15 not trying. rightnow im 13th in solo, i didnt log for 200 ticks


Not being agressive, just mentioning the hostile takover of T on the M3


wasnt mean for you it was meant for sorry @_Abdulrafayyy


An aggressive comment lol but i’ll fire back :slight_smile:

Competition exists it’s just few and far between like 1 tickers are so slow no one wants to play 2 ticker are a little better 3 tickers i’ve seen to be the cornucopia of bd rn with the top4 atleast being alliances that want to compete seriously

I think other players would enjoy a 6 ticker as well see some from the votes but I bet there’s more lurking around

I play in every world btw serious or not XD calm down with the aggression too please XD