CE3: Alliance Size Vote!

Hello Commanders!

We hope you’re having a wonderful valentines day! We’d like to celebrate it with you by holding the first of several polls to help us decide the CE3 settings.

The first one is, as you may have guessed from the title, for alliance size! The goal here is to find a consensus, as such we’ll make the final decision based on the vote spread to try to accommodate everyone. If no other option wins by a large margin, we’ll probably stick to the usual 10 :slight_smile:

  • 8 Player Alliances
  • 10 Player Alliances
  • 12 Player Alliances

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We will close this poll soon. Please vote for whatever your preference is, the winner does not take all. :slight_smile:

The next vote will be held within days so make sure to vote quickly and tell your friends to vote as well!


Vote vote vote!!!

This is the chance guys

After a few people asked can we add a vote for CE3 to be a solo world so we can end the argument of who was the best BD player while heading into BD2 cause no matter the team size it will always be a bunch of randoms who might have never played together before CE3.

Also another question , will we start discussing tick limit and asking people to vote for it to extent it or keep it same during middle of era like CE2 ?? like we reach tick 2k and 2.5k limit was decided and everyone is like “We want more , we want more” , so will we have a voting again to see if majority wants to be extended ??

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I kind of love the idea of the “last era” being a solo world… like kind of salivating personally over watching that drama unfold.

We will be closing this poll on Tuesday. So if you feel really strongly about any option please vote now! As Alex said, unless there is more than 65% voting for 12 men alliance, we will stick to the usual 10. So if you want your voice heard, vote vote vote


Winner does not take all? What is the point of a championship era.

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Currently the vote is 15% difference. I personally find that substantial. But, it is obvious the admin team is biased from reading the admin comments and want it to be 10 players. So why should we even bother with this vote, if the player vote has to be 65%? That is absurd in a 3 way vote.


I’d like 10 man teams

Go vote then hun in the poll.

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I did already :stuck_out_tongue:

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The point was, as stated, that we seek for a consensus/amicable solution. Originally we were going to go for 10, but if players really en masse prefer something else, we were willing to adjust and give them that. However, you see a 15% difference, but from my perspective, 3% more players want bigger teams over smaller ones. That’s a negligible difference and quite obviously it’s easier to recruit a smaller team, additionally to 10 players being the default on BD. As such unless you can get more of a majority for 12, we’ll conclude it remains the ideal option there.

Ultimately you’re way less screwed when you don’t get to add 2 extra players to your team, than when you suddenly have to add 2 more of them. It’s easier to deal with an overflow, than with a lack of contacts :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the thought behind it. It will not apply to the other (currently planned) polls, as they are less invasive of other players’ plans, efforts and so on.


15% sounds like a lot until you realize its 26 for 10 and 32 for 12 lol. thats only 6 people difference


So in other words, cosmin has made plans for a team of 10, and he will have to search for 2 more players…got it…already see how this CE is going to go…cosmin will stack the odds to allow himself to win his own CE. You can sugar coat it any way you like Alex, but I won’t.

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I’m sorry you feel the need to seek this in it, but I can assure you it was his idea to do a poll to begin with. It’s a bit much to accuse the guy who can single handedly make the decisions of corruption when he decided to hold a poll over something that was never controversial to begin with…

You can either take the chance to change away from the usual and announced team limit and make the best of it, or I suppose you can complain it wasn’t enough of a chance…

There’s clear arguments for smaller teams and clear logics behind CE following similar rules to the era’s it’s supposed to be a championship of, I can’t force you to play it, so i’ll leave that up to you. But I think I said it all there…

It’s also a bit silly to accuse the founder of the largest coalition on NC, arguably, and the winner of CE1, of not being able to gather players if he chooses to :stuck_out_tongue:


So let me guess, you voted for 12? Now that you didn’t get it you’re trying to bring down the unjust system! How unfair that they hold a poll instead of forcing us to be 10! How dare they give the community choice, and the community doesn’t fully agree with what I want! Something must be wrong! I know, it must be the tryannical cosmin at it again!

(Fyi I myself also voted for 12, but can easily see why 65% was used as a majority ruling)


Actually, I have been away until this morning…and did not get to vote until today…so no, I disagree with the democracy of the vote, and the way it was stated above made it look very biased and self serving…

Alex has messaged me on skype and we’ve had a very long discussion…he says I misread Cosmin’s intentions in his post and that it was not meant in the tone I took it. Either way seems Alex and I are from different cultures and see voting differently and will agree to continue to disagree on this…I apologize if anyone was “hurt” by my words above.

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Haha, the era has not even started and we already have people blaming Cosmin, this is really going to get interesting when Cosmin starts playing and then people not only accuse him but also Alex for abuse of power.


You know what is really interesting? Being burned at the stake so to speak by people like you for offering an opinion on how I perceive a post on this forum regarding this poll. How dare that woman speak such things…what is worse is if I were to dare write a differing opinion when the actual CE begins.

Let me put all the drama to rest. I will not play this CE. At all. Hope that clarifies

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