CE Crap Talk. Keep it out of official

rember some players are so stupid that they donot sleep like this real job or they can walk to place an some like wowwww you are champion on game that have less that 1000 players so far

i for sure going to place over 100 fake colonys lol and jam top players each time i log in

they got banned on e5 for multying… They’re all on e3 now, and sayint stuff like this :smiley:^

jason she doesnt even care lol i reported them last era.

you can repor 100 times we are not the same but yes we are group and we get banned for bad words not multy sotrry to dispoint you morron

Considering that Greeny and I were literally in a voice call with admin ash when she was checking her worlds and banned you, you were all literally banned for account sharing.


you can write and he can tell you what ever why is no othere banned in no world ? and plus play in e5 for years no banned also ? we know what happend and why you guys belive you so smart and clever but in deed you are bunch idiots we have fun make you guys stay up all night and day in game wish get you nothing you guy loose the fun of the game is to war and have fun like we do and wi have ball looking at you guy win and waist time to do so

ey forgot to ask asre you doing fun sex with admin ? that kinky well know we know baty man rulers lo

that’s up to @Ash

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