Best BD Leaders

If you’ve ever played in an alliance, you’ve had a leader. So tell me in your time on BD, who are some of the best leaders you have played under and why. I’ll share my experience:

Guevon-For being my first ever BD leader, teaching me to build and introducing me to Trajic.
Trajic-For teaching me to war.
Crazytarget of Swat-For teaching me how to fight a good war and to fight til the last tick turns, and to keep rebuilding no matter how many times you die.
Geenstijl-For teaching me to hunt experience, colonies, and getting me my first gold medal.
Grust-He forms really active teams that are good at war.
Praxis-He’s wonderful to play under. He’s just a great overall leader. I wish he would play more often.
Malicewolf-For leading when no one else really wants to lead.


^^ …


The thing is that I always had a leadership attitude, I never really played under the leadership of many players because I remember when I used to be a noob I’d just create an alliance start inviting randoms, discover and experiment things and lead them out, establishing networks with others and eventually take them for other eras, but the few leaders I have played under and I adore are as below
1)Adnan Ghazan aka Blue Venom
The way he calmly used to deal with people and all the situations (alot more)
2)FUR (TK) - he would never give up and fight till the end


Tbh I learned some basics from Abdul rafay aka Ps XD he is a good player but hates me now hehe

And I learned other stuff myself
Neutron taught me a skill

And also I made good friends who help me whenever I need

T and co I played with them some eras and helped them some eras I learned a lot from them
#Trajic I miss u


Honestly, probably one of the most accurate descriptions of my leadership :joy::joy::joy:

I lead plenty, but it’s almost always a “Fiiiiiine, I’ll do it”


seriously these criteria lack solid.
Right now, today’s leaders are more chosen for their activity and the size of their family. may be by fear, precaution or to satisfy their needs without effort and without sense of entertainment.

a leader in general must fulfill some criteria that were once indispensable:

  1. able to manage the team depends on the free time and timing zone of the players, instead of calling a sleeping player or in school for a simple action.
    that is to say, to manage “beforehand” the simple actions of the future, and to leave the calls for emergencies.
    As an example, it was the weak point of Kane (psg), and the strong point of kent (morgan).
    Thats how when I was a student, I left the alliance of kane sometime in the first week of a game, it was not possible to connect when the leader changes his mind about the movement or receive a multi msn wizz & calls in the middle of night. the android did not exist. So every time, we culd see a new member in Kane alliance in each era.
    it was quite the opposite for morgan of mas, everyone know that it was same players everytime with different & pertinent timing zone (Hunter, Celene, Tazpok of animania, Godbob of elitegod, Psi, me for gmt, inco sometimes, babykong & Azadax & Rania & Mitsuki later…etc).
    thats how i kept playing with kent for long time, and then I took leading in compets in the same team for E1 from admin Andrew time (i was forced :smile:cause i had more free time & celene never wuld lead).

This is explained by one of the two will of the leader (& by experience there is just these 2 wahaha):
react to each movement of the enemy, OR follow his plan and react to the enemy only if the enemy makes a move that can change the situation.

  1. a solid state of mind:

I saw some leaders, who, after they suffered a massive spam from their enemy, left the party lmao.
Well, it’s just an example, there are others and worse.

For me, these are the two main criteria that I use to judge a leader or also for judge a member to recruit.
for the rest of criteria, i dont care cause its eazy to find.

***So if i culd say best leaders, I can say that among those I joined their team:

  1. for these i can reveal comment about:
  • Morgan of mas (kent) ,
  • Psg (kane),
  • Kodak (he played an important role in maintaining the continuity of ARM when Tiggy began got grey hairs & he impressed me by his cold blood when it was hot),
  • Prince of cairo, my first interesting leader. he gave recruitment a vital importance in terms of personality that helped the team to advance.
  • Murija/grofnaum (lot of weak point haha, but the strong point that made him go up was his solid spirit)
  • Amazing victory (jan), who lead few eras and always focused on the goal whatever weird stuff that members can say during actions.
  • Defender of Ous All (simmen), played in his team like everybody else in a 2 & 3 tiker in couples eras in new server. i dont know his secret yet :smile: but everything was clean with him & motivation to play with was high.
  • i had heared about Hannibal of cartage & Malice of wonderland was good, but they was mostly ennemy, not joined them once, except malice joined me once in a hot era vs Hord in mars1, he has mastered the rules of the game and has a good reflex.
  • Ilona of course had a biggy pros players in family, but never played with her in biggy compets of her SYN team, so i cant giv a precise comment. joined her later when gaurav, avi, guy, robert, renee, & boo was in.
  1. For those who lead currently:
    i have only a significative experience with Psi, Trajic & Rev, Gaurav, Pantera , but i wont say a comment about their strong or weak point yet, cause they still play & use their tactics.

That mean i still wait more leaders to invit me…i got 1k blue & i can play when i want :rofl:


Loved it.

Kent ftw. Sad we lost him to the gym.


The two types of leadership you gave examples for work in their own way and different players are attracted to one or the other. I wouldn’t say either is better or worse based on this.

The rest was spot on.


I’m only around to read Yozo’s comments, this is awesome I love it.

Weak and strong point, inactive AF, but the team was always made of players who didn’t even need one :smiley:


Is this where I sign up for the monthly T circle-jerk thread? (In all seriousness, thank you Traj for being such a self-righteous egotist that I was motivated to play many eras in long wars. I wouldn’t be who I am in BD if it wasn’t for you).

Low-key the ‘best leaders’ don’t win the most in BD and are often overlooked, I think because they enjoy taking the hardest possible routes. One one hand you can argue that makes them bad leaders because they don’t appease the masses and as a result need more effort, but I’d say it’s the only real way to be proud of yourself in the end.

I don’t consider anyone who leads a sub-empire to be a good leader in any form.


And he know it lol :rofl:

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Alright , Activity type that can choose 1 of both,
also means needed (ressources).


haha trajic effect
Sometimes when the ennemy pop the white flag, he look like sub too…:rofl:

the funny thing, is that Trajic had 0 sub when i played in his team haha, probably cause he was forced to lead

good one, probably cause he work for a better long-term result, Or dont care of Diplo, Or he didnt communicated/showed as well his expertise.
there is a leaders who are very good, but lazy for work on Diplo/family…etc.


Hahahahaha this has to be a joke, Traj never shows up to an Era alone.

Dude your entire post is just a defense of Traj. You don’t need to care for Diplo or communicate or actually even lead a war when you show up with 2 teams alongside your ‘real team’. T was trash all around and contributed to BD’s downturn because of their insistence on ‘family’ instead of actually giving a damn about warring and tactics. They employed the ol’ safety in numbers strategy.


i just noticed, not taking his defense :grinning:.
And i found one with 0 sub that played in T team: E2 Era 57 —> 0 sub.
Players who played that can confirm. Others eras i cant remember wich one.

Of course, Trajic like some others are in biggy family who have pros & good players. they worked for it founder or cofounder or by huge participating in something.
But anyway noone was in Representative family from the first hour he tried. Those who believe in that family & play in have certainly an obvious reason.

i see many good family with a very good level, like:
Also HTK, TK , TOD …


ONE, emphasis mine. WAYYYYY back in E57 of E2.

That’s not evidence supporting your stance, that supports my assertions.

They worked for it simply by participation? That, once again, defends my points that they aren’t actually any good and just simply exist in a large team.

‘Families’ aren’t the same thing as ‘Teams’. Half of these are teams, the others are families. There is a difference.

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The important thing to know is wining an eras or have a big family or both, dont mean thats the best achievement. And these who believe to the opposite wont be helpfull for your interest , cause simply they believe on apearence (brainwashed)…

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Righttttttttttt, then by this metric 4E is clearly the best because of Galaxy?

Thank you for validating my own opinion that you are a moron.

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malice for meeeeeeeeee


Are we only talking leaders? What about coordinators? Some teams have a separate leader and coordinator.