BD/SM Lives on! I am so proud! =)

It has been a long, long time, But I look back on my administration days with fondness.

Hard to believe it has been 12 years since I initially signed on with Tacticsoft. When I think about the early days, I get a mixture of nostalgia, regret and epic facepalm urges! xD

I am nostalgic for all of the people I worked with and the good times…

I regret many things about my tenure, starting with but not limited to doing away with the original SPAM board in the original forum. Only now, older and a little wiser, do I realize the sway the freedom that board provided to the grassroots community. While cleaning it up was part of my original tasking from higher up, I really wish now that I had taken a different tact… Live and learn…

I did some pretty dopey things whilst world admin. Usually when I would wake at crazy hours to track the progress of big battles and monitor for multiple accounts, etc… Ive banned the wrong account at a key moment for the player in a war, given resources to entire worlds thinking I was on the test servers when in fact I was on the wrong tab entirely, and quite a few other poopy-faces that make me want to facedesk repeatedly! LOL

All in all though, I miss the old community. The players. The coworkers, moderators and community volunteers. Some of the coolest people I have ever met, I met because of these games.

For those of you still here, Thank you for the memories, good and bad! I cherish them all!

EDIT: I am NOT actually an administrator here. Just wanted to be clear on that…


Hi Seth! So good to hear from you. You are missed, despite any old mistakes you made, I always enjoyed playing your worlds. Good times. So, what are you doing these days? You going to try your hand at playing BD2?

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Thanks Angel! I appreciate ya!

Workin’ for a living. Landed a job for a global pharmaceutical and nutrition company. I turn liquid baby formula into dried powder. It is a job heavy in science, namely physics, chemistry and technology. The money is killer, but the job is very demanding. It doesn’t leave much in the way of free time, or I would most certainly consider playing seriously. Unfortunately, I will have to settle for some casual experimentation just to see what BD2 is all about…

Perhaps someday…


Congrats on the job! Yes a couple of us discussed how playing BD makes it hard to be able to balance work/life and the game, since it is a 24/7 game. It would be cool if bd2 somehow works in a way for people to be able to balance everything more.


Hi Seth! Nice to see you around. Been a long time since I played on your world :slight_smile:


I did a double-take at that title until I realized what you meant

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Seth! Boy how i missed you and all the trouble we caused lol

Good to hear from you.


Hey Joe! I miss you too bro! I think of ya often! We had many a late night, toiling over the community and worlds. I am not the least bit surprised that you are still a fixture in BD!

@Angelwings Thanks! Yeah, I work 12 hour shifts on a dynamic rotation. Some nights are slow and I get alot of chair/computer time, but I can never guarantee it. Sometimes I will have entire weeks that are just brutal and demanding with little sitting still, and then I come home completely wiped out and sleep until I have to go back. Gotta take the good with the bad I suppose. I look forward to digging in to the gameplay and mechanics of BD2, but fear I could not commit to more than that, no matter how much I would like to…

@Alexander CEO!! You know, I can’t say I am really all that surprised. You and Guarav were always there once you arrived, and I couldn’t have done my job, however greatly or poorly I did at a given time, without you and the other community members like you. To see that the game(s) ended up staying in the hands of someone from the community, well, it makes me a little emotional!


Seth you dropped this!

Good to see you around :smiley:


Hey my second favorite admin. (Alex overtook u to be first).

@Harvester Buford! HA!! Well, I guess it’s good you picked it up. I know it will be in good hands! :smiley:

@BaBaBaBaBane Bane!! Wow! Good to see you here! Can’t blame you. Alex is a good dude!


Thankyou for the warnings during my initial eras when i was a new leader otherwise MFIX (Mentally reFIXed) would have never managed to Succeed (Fail in style). :heart:


Nice to see you pop in Seth :smiley:

Want to start the Tribune back up (cause i don’t). :smiley:


Thank you for the kind words Seth! I still have so many fond memories of those old games, grew up with you and this game. :slight_smile:

I hope you’ll share your opinion once BD2 releases, I’d be very interested in hearing it!


@Admin_Seth wasssssssssssap

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how did i miss this forum post

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Sup guys?! Been thinking about this alot since I visited! Getting the itch for some BattleDawn! But, I still fear my schedule is too hectic to be able to really be any good, casual or otherwise. Hell, my standard shift is 12 hours, and I don’t always have time there to say I could be active enough to enjoy it.

So, I finally gave Earth Arena a look! I figured if I could take the game with me, it opens some possibilities!

I do love this version! It has so much potential!

What is going on with EA from an adminisration/management perspective though, if you don’t mind me asking? @Alexander

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Earth Arena is discontinued. It was a very expensive failure (think: years of time and millions in investment for less income than galaxy) that we purchased alongside bd hoping to use some of it for BD2. Ultimately none of it has been useful for BD2 and we keep it open for the few fans it has…

We’ll probably shut it down once it needs work, we’d like to keep it up until bd2 exists at least, but as mentioned elsewhere, income is usually 2 digits from EA. It cant pay for its own servers, I can’t really defend a time investment as well, as much as it pains me.

It’s tempting to try fixing it a bit and seeing if it can be made to work, but with everything already put into it, I feel like it might be an endless pit. We’ll consider after bd2 release.

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That is completely understandable. Inheriting business problems is rarely easy to navigate.

I like this game though. I think for me, mobile is the only way I can hope to get a BD fix! I have been playing EA for a week and I am already a big fan! The server is thinly populated, but the kids hanging out there are good people. It looks really good! I wish I had managed to get in and play much sooner!

I am open to help. Personally, I think just giving it some TLC, as far as showing a presence there would breathe a little life into it. Dumb little events here n there and perhaps someone with an admin title to stop in and hang out. I get that income is low and other things are going on, but at the end of the day, something beats nothing, ya know? Even if you go in with low expectations…

Sorry if I touched a nerve Alex. I was just excited to get in and see this game only to see it abandoned. Kudos to you not just putting it down the moment it became a burden! You got heart! :slight_smile:


There’s no event system, no admin panel (in-game, there is one just to reimburse people and such), no admin colonies, you can teleport units anywhere using a glitch, spies aren’t there and the server randomly breaks down lately due old data clogging it up. It makes less income in total in a year than single admins used to make a month (in itself no goldmine :P)… I appreciate the sentiment but it’s in a state where we may well have to shut it down tomorrow and refund everyone who bought tokens recently.

Any future it may have has to include major mechanical changes, creating false hope with events that may just overload the server into the final straw with no real potential gain and a lot to lose is really not an option :\

It’s very much a go big and go home. I realize EA looks great in tutorial, but it has huge issues, namely that it isn’t as strategic as BD but also not fun enough to be casual.

So yeah I hugely appreciate the sentiment, but I think you’re underestimating how troubled EA is. We almost shut it down last month but got lucky and somehow it’s working again…

BD2 is more BD focused and also for mobile, I hope you’ll stick around to try it!

Do feel free to skype and discord me, I am happy to discuss this stuff further. Right now though I suspect BD2 will scratch your itch perfectly :slight_smile:

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