BD/SM Lives on! I am so proud! =)

Wow Seth, great to see you are still around. I remember you from wayyy back when I first played this game 10 years ago. :call_me_hand:

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That is unfortunate. =(

Well, you got around 100 kids over there that really care for the game. I have been spending quite a bit of time with em lately, and they have been pretty welcoming and friendly, teachng myself and one of my coworkers the ropes!

I recommend sending the game off with any perks you can afford, even if it is just finishing the era. If you can help it, don’t just throw the switch. Give em a heads up and a little time to tend to any unfinished business. It could go a long way with retaining them for BD2! If it is mobile, I will likely be among them!

I appreciate you getting back with me on this either way. Like I said, you got heart! :slight_smile:

@THENICKRULZ I remember ya! Good to see you too! Crazy to think it has 14 years since I started with Tacticsoft!

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Very unfortunate, could of been something better if it was kept up to date. I left that game over 2 years ago just due to the boring of it just the same people doing the same shit over and over. Im sure you got to speak to Gunham an a few others over there really good guys that been trying to keep the game running the best they can. Hopefully bd2 comes out in 2021 but the forecast says otherwise 2050 is my guess at this point.

anyways good to see you around brother.

I’ve missed you Seth. I hope you are safe and well.

Take care.