BD Families-Better or Worse?

Over the years, I’ve belonged to a couple of BD families namely SWAT, SRB and Happy Family…all of which have come and gone…many who I miss…

I currently do not play with a particular BD family. When I have time, I play with whoever asks, or I message old friends and put together a team of randoms. I personally enjoy not being in one particular family and being able to play with or against my friends. My friends understand this, and love me regardless of who I play with. That being said I know many of you play with BD families.

Anyone care to share what BD families you have played with in the past, who you play with now, and if you feel that having a BD family is better or worse for the game?


I started my BD career playing with the biggest BD “family” around. The original sub empire of TK. My first era I planted was in Alaska. There I joined an alliance which would become TK-E.

This was TK’s Eastern Division. Under TK-E we also had a couple of subs based around Alaska. TK through the era kept on recruiting alliances it had killed prior, and so had a TK main, TK-West which was led by Hannibal who would go on to make his own Carthage family in later eras, and a TK-Oceania to go along with TK-East. All in all, there must of been about 25 alliances under this banner.

After this era, the family separated but a few including the TK coleader and myself, tried to begin another family which we named Knights of Honour (KoH). We played the era in the Indonesia/Aussi era with KoH 2 & 3. Due to RL issues, we weren’t able to put up much of a fight when the Bulgarian and Romanian families came for us early in the era. We lost but those of us still wanting to play upon return from our separate RL issues, relocated to Canada and created PHX(rising out of the ashes). We finished out the round in 3rd place or so.

Some of the PHX guys would later go on to join MWJ which was another Aussi family in later eras, I was busy in RL during this year and would join MWJ subs and be known as Maker of Nukes (as I just sat and launched nukes all era in Aussi).

Eventually I would join up with the old guard and we would make up hands down the best family the game has seen. We didn’t have a set name as we loved to do themes every era. We played as the Fighting 69 our first era, then did an Xmen theme, and a Muppets theme after that. We would do a few others, including playing together under an Ottoman themed era vs the Armenians (ARM). After this era, with BD still not having implemented XP yet in the new client, most of the family quit BD. We lost one of the family to a health issue RIP Mo. The others are all doing well in life and I still try to maintain contact with most.

Around this time, I would meet Ilona and would join her SYN family alongside Avi, Dees etc.
SYN was probably the most fun I had being part of a group. It was easy to be online 24/7 with this silly group and our chats. Most have now quit but I am still in contact with a majority of them.

After the dissolution of SYN, I had reached a point where BD had lost it’s aura. I moved around, playing in random alliances with friends I’d met over the years until Redwurm & Adam came around. With a bunch of vets including Kodak Psi Alex. We played a round as the Avengers. I wouldn’t call it a family due to only playing one (one later) with these guys, but it was such a fun round that I made lifelong contacts with these guys.

Present times, Psi, Pantera, Yoz, Celene, and Hunter. Players that have been around almost as long as me and were allies and enemies back in the days. We all can count on each other now to be with us if we play. Add in Leo Trajic Djina Sam and a few others and you’ve got a family of friends that love to fuck around this game and ruining eras.

I sorta lost track while writing this, so sorry if things don’t make sense but trying to write down a decade + of time wasn’t so easy.


Too many to recall tbh , due to the current BD incest i am everywhere it seems


I think families are really valuable in the game and essential to the community. They are the main prism through which many players interact with each other and there’s something special about storied rivalries and great eras fought between old enemies.
The problem is that for some time now the game has been dead enough that ‘families’ can play, win and end up farming many eras at once, whereas when the game was more competitive they’d tend to stick to one server.
As for my own experience with families, I’ve been with the same group since I first started playing BD five years ago, and I know for sure I’d have quit long ago were I not part of such a group


The first team that wasn’t my own making when I first started was with BUL5. I only played 1 or 2 eras with them though as I was getting the hang of the game still. I also had my own family team for a while. =V= (Virus) on mars. However, we had the unfortunate circumstance of our world being the same as GML (a much bigger and better family team). But regardless, we stuck together for a long time era after era.

Now, I don’t do much with family teams. Had a short run with NCR, but with Alex getting hired, things fizzled a bit (as they were very intensive for me to handle without Alex helping to relieve some of the stress). Otherwise, I kind of just play around with a mix of new and old people every once in a while. Although I often use the name Moo for eras, they are seldom with the same people.

As for whether or not families are good or not. They can be great at times and they can be unhealthy at times. It really comes down to how they are being used. We’ve seen some that caused huge issues of killing off any competition on some worlds, but we’ve also seen plenty that have taught many new players. Even in some of the one’s that killed competition. So I wouldn’t really say good or bad.


Are we counting 1 alliance also as families or only sub/bro empires???


if playing repetitively with them, i’d count that as well


Playing with the same alliance family continually. Some families have a lot of players, hence a lot of subs.


I started bd playing with ROFL Venom full of kind and respected players which I am proud to call close friends. After a long journey with them on e3 we decided to part ways most of us retiring or needing a break.

During that time I was welcomed into CME by Dane and Happy Family (HGF) by Grust both now have come and go.

During that time in ROFL, CME and Happy Family (HGF) we had so many great eras win or lose It was fun playing alongside them.




Most of the families I played for were Kong Families. But I’ve forgotten most of them because I never really owed anyone my loyalty and I used to be a player ( and still am) who played for anyone I considered a decent person. On .com I’ve mainly been a free agent most of my time here till I decided to recreate ATOM.

I think the main advantage of families is that it helps maintain a power balance in the game. There are already so many : SGC, ATOM, CWL , 4E , CME , PHIL and others.

Some families are already larger and more experienced than others but that will invariably lead to smaller groups of players standing up to them and forming their own families.Like in my case, I felt like less experienced players often have nowhere to call home among the larger families and decided to make ATOM the place that accepts and develops young talent. I could have just as easily decided to take my skill set to join some other family and improve their already existing power levels. In itself, my decision not to do so is an opposition to the existing status quo.

Families form and disband. Players come and go. But rivalries will always remain and families help fuel those rivalries aside other benefits like having a micro community and making lasting bonds.

The downside is when people decide to join the few bang wagon teams/ families we have around. This drastically shifts away interest in newer players because all they’ll see are sub empires who take everything away and no realistic way for them to ever win anything.

At the end of the day, its ultimately down to us all as a community. If we keep spreading out and developing smaller families, there will be more competition and more rivalry. If we decide to hop on bang wagon teams for free wins, it will kill the game.

Join the ATOMIC Family by the way.


well i started off playing ftw on kong, yeah i know who would have tougth…
id prefer not to say with who, but Nopy knows me and can comfirm this.

Then i played around in a lot of subs on normal BD, with HORD, RoFL and lesser known smaller families that never rly won but could place to get blues now and then.

then i enjoyed playing with GS for a while, a familiy of trolls only player i have ever meet that remeber them was trajic so shout out to him :smiley:

First family that would let me join a main and go FTW was HORD, when Skip was leading he ended up beeing my best friend on BD for the longest while until he quit, hitting me up years after HORD stopped playing to join him during the factions event.

i then played with ICE intel conq exspert. not iceman.
a verry good team, but not that beginner friendly, i remeber getting flammed a lot for small mistakes ;(

i played single eras with other alliances / families but i wont mention them.

Then ofc i played with the legendary TMOK the marked of kæn had some of my most fun eras playing with them, i also had my worst eras playing with them i still remember me kæn and skip using like 200k reds and lossing @Leobratce you hunt my dreams still btw

i then played around w G and pant for a few eras not sure if we can call it a familiy but i had a great time with them.

and now a days i play w my own little fam TNET :slight_smile: aka the few players that can look past my huge ego xD

edit 1:
forgot to say it, i think families are fine for BD. why change around who you play with if you enjoy playing with the ppl

then agien its an issue when families becomes too big and farm servers.

Old day server farming i feel was diffrent back when i played with HORD we fougth for F4 becuse it was our home server.

Now people farm servers with sub empires just for the blues and free wins and i dont like that.

i play with the same people all the time and i dont see anything wrong with it, but i make sure we are only one team playing at the time some times two teams but thats only if we knowingly are planting inn to what i consider the scum of bd, alliances that plant with multiple teams. like TNET vs 7 cwl subs on mars. we used 1 team + 4 others players in their own team that era. but we had veterans that was prepeard to figth vs a whole bunch of teams not everyone can pull that off.

that is why i hate when people farm with big teams, bacuse newplayers lossing to a better team can at least say shit, oh well we can beat them when we get better.
verry few new players lossing to massive teams will say shit guess i got to find 50 more friends to play with, they will most likely just quit.

however i can have some respect for teams that plant multiple teams, for all my hate for neutron at least i can say this: sometimes he brings multiple teams with total noobs trying to teach them the game and thats a good thing.

unlike OTF that just plants 100 ppl on E5 just to let a few people farm medals and blues.


wait you have only played for 5 years? this comes as a shocker to me, means you started playing around when i took my 3rd long BD break o.o


Yep, started out in F3 in mid-late 2014


Prior to starting Flux I had no battledawn identity. I was never a great player, and while I played a couple eras with Crusnik or Skipswith, it was nothing substantial that ever resulted in a lasting bond or team.

Then one random M2 years after I had quit, I randomly planted in the bottom right corner and I found two guys who appeared to be very talented based on the number of medals they had accumulated. With Flux and Mixan aboard, I was fortunate enough to get Lawmpy to join, who brought with her King and THENICKRULZ. Together we formed the original Flux team :slight_smile:

The rest is really history. We put together a motley crew of talented misfits that would win 5 straight M1 eras before the core of our original team outside of myself stopped playing. But even when our original members no longer logged, Flux continued to prosper with the additions of great players like Dommy, Sfin, Horo, Panay, Halfling, Ownage, Steed, GB, Feitan, Ponka, Stark,and many more. Even my greatest forum rival Alfie joined us after I spoke with him personally, and now I count him as one of my closest friends within bd.

Then of course there is Faker, my diamond in the rough, a player that has exceeded everyone else, and my closest BD friend. I am just continually amazed by how much hes grown and how talented he is today. I am so grateful you came and played with us after we trashed your blackpanther team lol.

But yeah, in sum total, I would have quit bd entirely years ago if not for these amazing people that I had the privileged to lead and play with over the past couple years. Outside of this dead game, you guys continue to put a smile on my face everytime we talk. You are all great players, but even better friends.

My continued purpose in playing this game is not to accumulate medals, but to accumulate new friendships and faces for my amazing team. :slight_smile:


BD Families - The best and only thing that keeps me coming back to this game.

I cbf to write a massive paragraph, but throughout my 9 years of BD (though realistically its only been 4 due to my 5-year hiatus) I’ve played with a whole lot of people and made a whole lot of friends and a small amount of people whom I’ve come to dislike. I can’t not say something about Flux in particular after reading that from Jazz. But Jazz and Flux helped start everything I’ve done and experienced within this community. All the amazing people I’ve met, all the amazing teams I’ve played with, all the sleepless nights I’ve had, all the victories, all the losses, all the fun times, and all the bad times.

Some of the more dear BD families to my heart are SGC, CwL, FH, and of course Flux. BD players are on the other hand are just too many to name, but you all know who you are.

The one saddest thing about BD Families, however, is seeing people leave the game. After spending era’s with somebody, sacrificing sleep, etc as we all know, really brings people together. Talking every day about tactics, IRL shit, random crap and just having a blast is some of the best times I’ve had.

Whelp I did have a full life story but decided to get rid of it and leave the best parts. Moral of the story, BD Families are the best thing in BD and to all those I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, playing with and playing against, thank you. Feel free to shoot me a msg anytime, always down to chat with my fellow battledawnians and friends.


I started playing BD in OC 2007/2008, with 9 random Brazilians… We were all in Brazil, funny shit… I used to look at the Old HoF to see our alliance in the second page in our last era together. After that era few of us kept playing, then the NC came and just me and Skx kept playing. I was not a talk active guy, maybe that was the cause I never went to forum or get a good team to play with. I used to plant and play alone, I kept playing alone for like 1-2 years, I really loved the game.

Then I saw Skx doing good in Prr (Niracas’ team), he asked me to take over his acc cuz he couldn’t play anymore… I was in the MupT era, fucking best era of all time.
For those who does not know which era was that :

MupT's Era

After that era I noticed what Family was and I wanted to make part of one, but how a guy that do not talk to anyone will achieve that? Was not easy, but I had to do my best every time in every era I played, I wanted to get attention. That was my way to talk to someone, showing my skills.

It was on an E1 era, I was in SA in a random team, NA team had Gary/Aazaadx, Redwurm and few others great players from that time. I managed to outplay them in multiple situations as get bigger with conquers. Then I got a message from Gary, saying how good I was and wanted to recruit me into his team. That era we got slaughtered by ARM, ARMT, ARMX… ARMA to ARMZ. Was when I noticed that Family was not the only thing BD had, but Empires.
We played the era after together again, I met many people, some nice folks. But I still was not talk active. Managed to get #1 as a player with them (1 Era before the current HoF came alive, I cried haha).

So after that I’ve played in SHRK, xKTx, Prr, ARM (It was the era @Gaurav mentioned, fuck u G) and few others I can’t remember now. I was a main member of xKTx, the only alliance I managed to stay for a long time till they started retiring. My idol Kent (Morgan of Mas). Then, it was me playing with random guys, meeting others folks and starting talking to ppl (finally).

Few years ago I made OwK (Cuz I was tired of playing with randoms and wanted to do something), it was not a “family” at the beginning, was made mostly by old enemies I used to recruit as I was defeating them… (I liked to play against everyone in multiple eras and then recruit them to get 'em to improve), @Leobratce was the only one I invited without fighting against. It was our fate to be together. Time passed and some of us were turning into a true friends, but it didn’t last longer as they started retiring (again).

Nowadays I’m a lonely wolf, played few eras with some enemies in the past as @Alfie (really homo guy, but great at the same time) and few others and now I’m just playing mostly with my remaining friends when they ask me to as Gaurav, Leo, Djina, trajic and others or when PLO plants and is a dick so I gotta avenger the kids being bullied. (except the eras I fought @trajic1 and @Djina , they’re evils friends, they have no mercy, say they love you then stab you in ur heart, keep that in mind). So for me now, having friends and being able to call them family are the real thing that keep us here playing… Look at Djina and trajic we love, we fight then we love again, thats what a family does or should do.

And replying the title of the topic, Families are awesome, as I had said, I come to Skype just to check around, talk to them and have some fun, I can say I got more real friends in the game than outside of it. And I still have the will to make another team or make part of a fixed team, where we can get along and play era after era. When I be back, I might do that… Already got few names and few ppl that wanna play.

Sorry for the long text, It could be longer but I decided not to lol.


What’s a family? Just play with Trajic and get carried lol


Wait, you were in SHRK? I forgot about that team, but i was apart of it for a few eras xD Were you ever in it with Bobby of Zoolander (Heidi)?