Battle Dawn Reporter Special Edition

Hello and welcome to the first edition (cough only edition) Championship Era SPECIAL of the BD reporter. I am Aihara forever Just Watching.

The Final Championship Era for Battledawn 1 before we will be getting the announced sequel to our sleep deprivation simulator is almost here. As a neutral party with absolutely no connections I will do my best to catch as much of the action and battles as I compile it slowly into something readable for everyone else not able to participate in this Last Hurrah for our OG time waster and money sink.
Link to CE Rankings Thread: CE 3 Rankings every 25 ticks

Notable Events:

Tick 2 Mass Boost leading to an immediate Tick 3 Mass Boost ( Has this Ever happened before?)
And now we have a Tick 4 Mass Boost ( CAN I SLEEP NOW)
HC and Em now in a full out war. Caused by Moonwalker- Em being counquered by Tad Strength - HC
HC have also launched attacks on WTF - Tick 15


I will be updating this post just before the CE era starts to take in which teams look strong, what spots on the map they have and taken in addition to a few words from the leaders themselves if I can get ahold of them for a comment. Please leave feedback on how I can improve this post as I am very new to this kind of thing.

I recall the previous CE had a reporter for it(Aister). I want to do something similar and hopefully I can put together something readable by the end and document this big event for the rest of the playerbase that cannot follow something as hectic and exciting as the CE. I will not post any Battle reports I obtain until the end of the era for obvious reasons. Goodluck to everyone participating.


Nice i hope the forums are more active once it starts. Will be nice to read about the era to keep up with it since i’ll only be logging in once a day.


Alright whos ult is this , spill the beans


must be a weeb


Sure it aint u E :wink:


So as a first sort of update:

Approximately 24 hours to go before the era starts, and 373 players have planted so far.


Turns out a lot of leaders are preferring not to reveal who they are yet as well as the identities of their alliances on the map as this is considered sensitive information. I will instead change it into an introduction of what Alliances are dividing up the map plus a few words from those who have responded.

Maybe after the era ends I might be able to release what the leaders have predicted if I get enough of them at the very end of the era and compare them to what actually went down this CE.

Still working on the post. Bear with me T_T


I’m so excited you are doing this thread. Thank you for taking your personal time to make and update this thread for the entire era. I know it’s work.

Can we get an update every 24 ticks give or take with a picture of top alliance page, top players page and territory map? It will be cool to watch the changes from tick 1 to 4000.


My money is on early war with at least 3 alliances in top ten by tick 100. Honestly dont see everyone honoring naps or w/e



First Edition Post BDR. Introduction Issue #1
Second Revision : Now with Pictures :wink:


Starting off our first alliance camping in Greenland we have the SAND alliance. With some golden names such as Enter Sandman, Sandy cheeks and more. If their pun and Irony game is something to go by they are looking like the favourites at this point.

Moving on to Europe with a very competitive spread out formation we have WS.

Directly to their right we have a defensive sort of buddy system forming a half circle we have ANGL.

We at BDR have managed to get a word from their leader Raizel below:

Aihara: I’d first like to ask a few questions if at all possible.

Can you give a short introduction of yourselves for others to get to know you and your alliance?

Hi. I am a player who has played this game since OC, and we are an extremely active old bunch of friends :slight_smile:

  1. Who do you think is your biggest competition in this CE?

I think everyone is competition.

  1. Any words for the competition/rivals out there?

After watching the last CE you never know who will come from the woodwork to mess things up. Good luck! May the best team win.

Confident and friendly from what I’ve gathered from talking to him. I personally will be following this alliance and what they might be able to achieve this CE.

Finally, at the very corner we have a mish mash of 3 alliances WW, SOL and JW(JWs)sub?

Why are they hugging the corner you may ask? I’ve managed to ask one of them who has said that they will be watching since most of the “best players” will not be playing this CE and only those who boost will be majority playing. This sentiment is shared by at least one other player in the Antarctic. Quite bold words if you ask me.

But moving on in the Japan we have WASP taking the entire Island.

Following that Central Asia is being contested quite hotly by KNH, R and some members of SOL


R has members spread out into Europe which is quite interesting to see. While SOL has a member all the way down near India. SAND not to be outdone has one here in Asia as well. A risky strategy to be sure but if it pays off will leap frog them ahead if they can take out the competition.

Taking the entirety of the SEA continent is FEAR. It seems IMO that they have the most stable start with several mines that will owned solely by them. However could prove detrimental if they get ganged up on while trying to expand later on.

Next up is YNV, who have lain claim to Australia with their leader MK Trolling having a few choice words that he wishes to share with any readers from the CE.

My team is the anti-turtle team, if you watched last 2 CEs you saw ppl turtle her. To stop that from happening we will troll anyone that comes to aussi that is all.

Quite an interesting statement I might say. Though looking at their strong position with several mines in reach it is quite the powerful TURTLE ISLAND.

Also they have a cheeky spot here

In New Zealand we have DINO as well as 2 members of JWs. Does this signal that DINO and JWs have a NAP or are full blown allies. I will update this post as soon as get word from them.

In a lone island we also have our lord and Savior

Across over on Africa which is surprisingly sparse given how large the area is, though this may change later on. We also have the very first bans for the CE with their bright red smoke. Admins Simmen and Josh dropped the hammer when we still had 29 hours left on the timer. Good to see the policing is quite strict this time around.

We have 2 alliances contesting the continent HELL and OFF. We have managed to get a response from the HELL leader darklord. Who says he and his brother wouldve wanted to play this CE era together but the IP restriction from the admins prevent him from doing so. A shame to be sure but the rules are there to prevent cheating by less savory individuals like the ones above.

A smaller alliance just on the lower edges and adjoining Island is HIN1 with their leader Lucifer with quite a few colonies nearby with no alliance. Will they potentially grow to challenge HELL and OFF above to stab the winner of the battle royale in the side and claim dominion on the island? Only time will tell.

Moving on to the North American Continent which is the one to watch early as several alliances have laid claim to the continent and are very close proximity to each other. I will be scanning here quite early on to see what kind of mishaps might occur here as quite a few alliances may end up bowing out early here.

First, is the Kram alliance who are in the most well thought out position in this continent. With the edge of the map on top and only 2 sides to be attacked from south and the East it is quite the intelligent play to setup like this. They almost resemble a firing line of soldiers with positions to fall back to.

And then we move on to the clusterfrick of alliances vying for control of the upper left to middle of the continent: Hc, WTF, JOHN, Em, Zeus, a single-man alliance named LOST(he wishes he was lost somewhere else xD) and a random member of DINO over here. This reporter is predicting a bloodbath over here.

Moving lower we have a small alliance Mg holding the chokepoint. I am not sure about holding that choke with so few members but we will have to see what might happen there.

Directly below laying claim to South America is SA. Quite the fitting name there for an alliance based here. As some of you might know SA is quite a good defensive continent later on because it is surrounded by water and the 2 ways in are essentially chokepoints. If you can gain control of it early with its large area containing mines and oil wells without getting sandwitched by the Antarctic alliances and the NA alliances coming down to mess up your day. A bit of a risk by the payoff is quite good as well.

Just look at the amount of mines nearby

Moving over to the coolest continent in Antarctica.
Dangerously close to SA is the alliance BLCK. With their leader apparently looking for a girlfriend for this era =-=". Genshin Impact.

The other alliances here have quite the strategies for their placements as well. A notable one being ToS who have spread themselves out quite liberally here in a sort of 2’s buddy system.
image image
Controlling the left most lower side is Alliance OTFW

We also have lone wolf conlonies from SOL and SA down here.
Quite the interesting strategy placing so far away from their main hive. WIthout a potential NAP or allies they could get their growth stunted quite early.

Finally the last one I want to bring notice to are the HIRE alliance choosing to place on the extreme bottom right. With the broadcasting their services in exchange for RED tokens in advance. Whether anyone hires these mercenaries we will have to see.
Do take notice that this CE also has a large amount of “teamless” who have medals no less. So we could potentially see a darkhorse just biding their time to grow incognito on the sideline. Depending on how the era grows we might be able to see comebacks or big changes in how Top 100 shifts every 100 ticks.

Those are the noteworthy ones I have managed to cover that have place at the time of writing which is 15 hours until the ticks unpause. I may miss some teams that like to place late so I do apologize in advance.

So in closing I would like to make another thread detailing the changes in the top 100 players and top 10 alliances. Based on a suggestion given by a player I will credit in this post after the era is over. This is also based on a thread for a previous CE by ads126 on the old forum.

I will edit in the link to the thread at the top of the post at a later time when the ticks start.

PS. Feedback is very much appreciated. New ideas for what to post or what to follow. Or simply shoot me a battle report or two that I can post early would be quite nice. Thank you in advance <3.

Edit x3: FIxed some grammar errors as well as added screenshots to help readers understand what is happening better. Thank you to AussieFaker and his suggestion to improve the post visually.


If you ask me it will all be like usual. Side vs side. NA plus SA vs asia plus africa. I hate earth


By the way, lets all thank alex for the new forum being 123 times better than the old one


Thanks a lot, loving this.


keep up the great work bro, expecting more from you
keep us entertained…


Good job friend…



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Nice work, and thanks for putting so much effort. :slight_smile:

This reminded me of the old NEWS team who used to play on Earth and send updates regarding the world everyday on mass message.I havnt seen them for a long time though …Anyone know who they were?


Tfw I wanted to plant on jason but I realise its probably not the actual jason and now Im that dino guy in the middle of 6 alliances


who is the JOHN alliance is what i’d like to know


We’ve done it. With 2 minutes left on the clock we reached 500 players. There. @BaBaBaBaBane admit this community isn’t dead.