Zaphod calling to the far away towns

Well hello there
Zaphod here, the president of the galaxy (who btw actually never played BD Galaxy lol)… I’ve been playing Battledawn all until adobe killed flash, and now I wanted to check out if there’s something new about that BD 2 game, and just realized that you guys are playing this in 2022 and just wanted to ask: HOW? I really miss this game, so it would be highly appreciated if someone could tell me what to do in order to play BD again?

                                                                                                                      Thanks in advance

P.S. Maybe there’s instructions for what I just asked on this forum, but I’m probably just too lazy to search… If so, please just post a link so I can join a war or two

Maybe some of you can remember me, since I’ve used this name pretty often in the game… I used to perform pretty bad as well, but being noob in this game is a kind of standard, I’d say, so… You know…

Oh… Thank you for such a a warm welcome… I must say that I didn’t expect this D:

See the links at the top :slight_smile:

you can play via a download or via puffin browser.

Oh… Thanx. I should have see it but didn’t pay attention