Your Opinion on Flags for BD2!

Hi Commanders,

We’re a bit stuck on a decision and we’d like your input.

For BattleDawn 2 our partner created nameplates instead of flags as they found it much more clear, but we feel it may take away a bit from the aesthetic. They designed us an alternative flag, which we’re kind of unsure about. Would you mind giving us your thoughts?

Please excuse my horrible photoshopping. :slight_smile:

It looks a bit strange right now because I am on a debug build and a 4k screen. It looks better usually.


As alternative for the flags, I did some photoshopping, again, please look past it and try to imagine the actual design. :slight_smile:
Poorly Photoshopped flag on Left

Poorly Photoshopped Short Flag in Center
It’s a bit small because I can’t photoshop and my screen is 4k. It’d be more clear in the final game.

*Poorly Photoshopped Flag on the Right
It’s a bit small because I can’t photoshop and my screen is 4k. It’d be more clear in the final game.

Flags or Nameplates?

  • Nameplates please
  • Flags please

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Flag type?

  • Tall flag in the middle
  • Flag on the left
  • Flag on the right
  • Short flag in the middle

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Flag Info

  • Wide flag with names and tags
  • Flag with only tags

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Please keep in mind that this is just a quick poll to help us come to a decision, we will make the final choice ourselves based on how it ends up looking in game but want your feedback to help us make it. :slight_smile:


gonna ask this once why isnt it HD

The game runs in 4k actually, it’s just a debug build with bad photoshopping and even worse image enlargening (the images are very small on my screen, if i’d just copy them as is, while I can see them fine, they’d be unreadable on 1080p screens)

If you’d read the topic you’d know =)


Game looks quite stunning in 4k

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Flags for sure, it’s one of the major great things of BD
Tags only definitely better than names and tags
Position doesn’t matter as long as it looks solid

Fully zoomed in show wide flag with names and tags, otherwise always show flag with only tags


when is playtest?
I would love to play

Mentioned 4k 3 times in main post and 1 more time in another post. Ok we get it, u have a 4k monitor. Stop flexing


I feel the nameplate looks more neat and goes better with the futuristic theme?

But among the flags I’m confused between short middle and short right