Would you play a ½-ticker?



Would you play a ½-ticker?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you would, which world(s) would you play it on?

  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Fantasy
  • Galaxy

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fucking perfect. I could actually get a good nights sleep :open_mouth:


Terrible idea. We need faster worlds not slower.


Doing a 0.5 ticker for any world other than mars is just dumb


Yeah literally, idk why people voted Earth the most. Would literally take 6 months lol


Though I definitely would love to play a half ticker, I would have to say that it wouldn’t reasonably be feasible on worlds as Earth and Fantasy due to both being relatively immense in terms of size as my fellow battle-dawners have pointed out. However, If it would to be ever done, I think it would more convenient to have it on Mars. Smaller world for half tickers would breed more fruitful results as players being able to enjoy the game while working and getting enough sleep so to avoid ‘burn-out’ in the long haul. That’s not to mention the extra time allotted for war preparation which I suspect will enable veteran players to make less mistakes and newbies willing to play the time to learn at a comfortable pace.

Wouldn’t it be better if the number of members per alliance be extended to 12 for this era?

Carry on the discussion!


One month would be 360 ticks. If the world goes to 2000 ticks as some do, thats about 5 and a half months. Imagine that.