World event idea

Hi all,

Just want to throw out a couple of suggestions. These may not work or may turn out as stale as current eras but here goes.

Garrison like capture the point which is regularly attacked by zombie colonies(not just in havoc)/others player competing over these for crystals after a set amount of hold turns. This would mean the big guys can not just hold them without defending them properly from zombies and with the lack of pvp currently going on in normal eras it might spice it up a little bit. (maybe have them attack nearby outposts to the garrison also).

If this was to happen it probably would be best on a 1-3 player alliance unless there is multiple going on at once.

Not sure if this has already been tried before or not but just be good to have more to do but I understand also the lack of players at the moment doesn’t help.

Also I know it wouldn’t do the support of the game any good but a non-booster round just to see how it goes? (I boost myself so not bias against people who do).

If this even gets acknowledged I can try go into more detail :slight_smile:


I love the idea, would you mind going further in depth please?