Will the after havoc resource fest be back?


I remember not too long ago that when the world is in havoc, all outposts and players got like 1000 crystals and a million of every resource, will that be back? It was the most fun part of BD for me, when an era ended and you could just see the inactive players suddenly come back with like 100 ship fleets attacking relics and stuff.


I usually do havoc events :slight_smile: So if you join my worlds, you can expect some chaos during havoc :wink:


Ohh, that was an admin exclusive thing? I thought it was apart of the game! What currently are your worlds?


More so, it’s up to the individual admin. Havoc usually means the world won’t reset as quickly as well, so often, they just leave it and reset it shortly after. Currently, I am only admin of G3 and M3 Event era (that’s just started). But I do intend to have it have a fun havoc event at the end for folks to mess around a bit before resetting.


Sounds great and I look forward to it, too bad I’m a bit of a novice, so you won’t be giving me any tokens on either world.


M3 is an unlimited alliance size event world. So you’ll have a great chance there to meet lots of people and learn some new things as well as get in contact with lots of folks! I highly recommend that you (and everyone) should join!


I happen do be doing well on G3 now that I checked, not enough to win, but I’ll probaly talk about my plans for G3 after I’ve lost / won