Will EA be updated and expanded?


Do you guys plan on fix and updating EA? It has a lot of potential and lost players recently from cheating. Dedicated community of us have keep on going the best we can, but really needs a development team to fix it up. Please help us out, game has a lot of potential for us who are to busy for the desktop version! Have any questions please message me back or download an app called Line and add my is: czarstalin. Would be willing to add you to our current group chat there.


I’m sure there are some plans for EA, however, please do have some patience. The current team has had literally nothing to do with EA up until this point as the previous owners completely separated it from the .com side (to include entirely different staff). So there’s some catching up needed on that aspect for folks to digest everything in that regard. But do keep tuned in :slight_smile: I’m sure Alexander will chime in with more regarding that when the time is right.


At the least an EA admin to monitor the chats will be implemented as far as I know.


Admin for that chat would be nice, but we have a serious problem with people glitching assets without us being able to stop since it’s instant. If this could be fixed would bring player back almost immediately


We will do our best to fix that as soon as we are sure the BD migration is smooth and stable. And yes we do intend to develop and expand EA, but that’s more of a medium term plan