Why can't we farm xp with explosive?

well, it would be hard at early game but at these times we are having late game wars on bunch of eras per period in bd. it makes the game more fun but i’ve noticed, it gives avantage to tank squads.

at early game the winner alliance have due to farm xp from bots created by admins but those has only infs or vechs inside only. Mostly infs…
so if someone will pick up at late game and cover a small area for farm xp on concussive or beam and what if the winner alliance used inf or vech as chassis from starting ?
it will be late to change chassis with their overhead so other alliances will have extra advantage with only using tanks.
i felt like we can talk about it.

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Bots are always infs or vehs.
It’s a known fact.

It’s up to players to decide how they want to farm them or what chassis they want to use to farm them
I can farm the inf bots with anti tanks too if I really want them. Depends on your priorities.
We need to change our priorities not the game mechanics :slight_smile:


sorry bae but i don’t see, it depends on our priorities,
anyway if you will farm infs with explosive
it will be harder to get xp,
harder as impossible to take same xp when attacking infs with concussive at same time.
so it still gives advantage to tanks on late wargames i am thinking.

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Last e5 I had 6 vxr r5 squads

It’s not impossible. It just costs a bit more initially since you lose more armor.

Else easier but lengthy way would be to get 1r5 conc squad and send enough r5s to kill the units and let the xplo unit share the xp

Anyways that what I feel :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t really farm for xp it’s too much work

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AI use vec and inf because they’re the most common chassis in use, and the one that most low-power players use (tanks/mechs are too costly to research)

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