What tick should I have all my structures maxed?

Hey guys, just wanted some advice on this question. If you want to go into a breakdown of what tick each individual structure should be finished by as well that’d be amazing and I’d really appreciate that!

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Lvl 4 resources, spy lvl 4, gates and shield are necessary
You can always complete structures after havoc


With no boosting i would probably say dont build anything more than lvl 3 res buildings and barracks, and then utilize admin boost to start to build up energy structures, structures for spies then damage.

Depending on how much action you are expecting early era you will either want to invest in ranged/squads and up to level 3 energy structure, as well as the agent lockdown structure.

If you have room to breathe and build, I would get your energy up to 5 and get gate/shield whenever you can.


i say get get damage units befor tick start. spam a decent amount of conqs then build all structures so you can focus network and army rest of the era with out worrying about not having sheild or ion.

then agien i boost a lot so this may not work for everyone.

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This is quite the hard question tbh. Everything is so circumstantial. Level 3 resource structures is of course a must (as you can’t attack without them). But everything after that is so dependent on your individual circumstance along with what the rest of your team is doing. If you’re surrounded by enemies or on the outskirt of your team’s hive at start of era, you’ll likely need to focus on army over all else to keep enemies at bay and gain as much resources as possible.

I would almost always suggest that the first 150 ticks be spent building only dmg units. So long as you got a good active team, spies and nukes should be fairly unrelevant that early. With that being the case, it means most fights will be dependent on small spy infiltration and simply, numbers. But in a near even numbers match up, it simply comes down to who has more. And a dmg focused build will murder the same number of ranged units. However, there are MANY who start building ranged units well before tick 150. Not a bad idea per say as it sets them up better for once spies and nukes become more relevant. So that really comes down to how active and attentive you are.

As for the level 5 structures, my focus is USUALLY the following:

  1. Converter (I convert a lot for energy)
  2. Gate
  3. Shield
  4. Nukes
  5. Ion
  6. Energy

That order will most definitely change era to era though. Sometimes you find your enemy encroaching on your colony and you could build shield and stall them 24 ticks for it to build in time. Then do it. They’ll keep you jammed up (trust me), so going for gate isn’t going to do you much. Or maybe you know you’ll be less active early era and have built in the middle of your hive. It’s likely smart for you to focus on maximizing your resources early so when you are there, you’ll have plenty to build with quickly.

Also, whether or not you are a booster will determine what you build when. Like boosters can go tank build early. With that, folks often have an immensely hard time building counter against them early era. However, it also will usually have MANY set up with hard counter builds to you in first couple hundred ticks. But often that is offset by the fact that you could control your territory quicker and gathered up majority of the conquers and res ops.


If y’all don’t have all structures at lvl 5 by tick 2 you’re actually just really trash at this game and should seriously consider uninstalling.


Thank you for the detailed responses everyone.

@Malicewolf If I’m to focus on a damage build for the first 150 ticks what should the ratio be? I know the ratio for armour:range is roughly 1:2, is that any different for armour:damage?

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I would worry about what you need. If you notice you need more energy, get energy building etc.

Metal, oil structures take well over 500 ticks on average to pay themselves back. It can be less if you’ve more workers iirc, but generally speaking, if you’re needing every piece of metal and oil you can to conquer more, its actually best * Not* to get the structures. Conquering with the resources will give you much more income.

They make sense once you start running out of ways to increase your income. Assuming you dont need the res elsewhere then.

Armor/damage wise… Don’t listen to pros. Same for range. We come up with these builds but really we dont, most of these builds were thought up by very smart people back in 2009-2010. The issue is they’re theoretical, with biases towards certain playstyles.

If you usually just build up and do nothing until lategame, its better to just go pure range. Then add armor as needed - you usually dont have battles where you lose range? You can go 7:3 then. Overhead makes building range later more expensive than building armor later.

If you notice you lose range or damage all the time, consider padding with some more armor or damage. Run some calcs on battles you usually take, figure out a good build on them 7:3 is an efficiency build to get clean kills. Many players will never take advantage of that. It’s a relatively expensive build too. Yet if you want a team, build only that — many players will write you off as a noob if you dont. Just how some players are, they copycat some knowledge like a sheep and think that makes them better than people who try to think.

The reason some build damage early — Josh and myself do it for this I think at least — is because damage is cheap, will win unclean battles easier (early on there tends to be less spying and caution) and is pretty well suited for early expansion. Also the power makes you look stronger. We usually then recycle the damage into spams and build range, so we dont end up losing anything by it. Maybe Josh does something else now though.

Ask yourself what you want to do, when you want to do it, and what’ll help you get there.

Usual Damage:Armour ratio is about 6:4 or 1:1.


For dmg build I usually do 50:50. Some prefer 40:60. Either way they are both fine if you do the necessary calcs before taking battles. As Alex stated though, it’s all circumstantial. But dmg cost less, so you build more. Which means early expansion is easier.

And as Alex stated, the “pro” build which is the standard 3:7 armor rng build, was built under the assumption you will always play 100% smart and efficient. If you do not, this build is actually bad for you. It’s meant to be advantageous only when you are overwhelmingly more powerful in the battle or when you have a nuke/spy. You’ll find plenty of builds that will break the 3:7 build in an even battle. But the 3:7 was never meant to take on even fights.


And mostly only noobs or desperate people will take battles where they will lose range.

I find that it is better when teaching newer players to make them go pure 3:7 range build because they don’t know how to utilize damage builds. Once they get better they can understand the advantages of using lots of damage


If all structures are not maxed before ticks roll , i feel sad to say but sir u have lost the era then and there.


After reading Alex and Josh 's replies , I wanna see them play an era sometime(same team or opposite) :blush:

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I thought its common knowledge that you cant get all structures before tick rolls