What is your stupid dream job?


I don’t mean your current job or your ambition, but a job you’d like to do even though you know it’d probably be a horrible idea to do it. Think: Wanting to be a fireman as an accountant, wishing you had started a hot dog stand while you’re a software engineer…

For me, it’s owning or tending a bar. None of them are making a decent profit or are stable, but I’d love to have an old fashioned bar with dark mahogany wood all over, a pool table, a game console and a focus on hard liquors and speciality beers.

What’s yours? :slight_smile:


Take Joe and Theo’s role as Admin, because they really sucks at it.

@Cosmin1980 You got that? Pls


Porn star. Enough said :joy:

Also, a Professional Football player, Formula 1 driver, Moto GP many more… :frowning:


Always wanted to own or manage something like this when i was a kid , idk how much successful these things are now but yeah as a kid this was a dream Job.


I want to be a bartender too LMAO


Professional Sleeper.


Military General, Professional Driver, Ship Captain, Soccer Player

Indian Windows Tech Support

You name it.


I always wanted to own a place where people could get memberships and play games against each other or just overall for pretty cheap, and just have a bunch of consoles and pc LAN stations and hold competitions

I’m a material supervisor at a manufacturing plant that builds elevators and scaffolding.


Even though I think it is a fantastic idea which has tremendous untapped potential,but still it is a bit odd and difficult to execute,but hey in which venture there are no struggles? But still with whom I discussed this they thought it was a stupid horrible idea and they have no clue how serious I’m regarding it.

What I Propose here is a Porn Production House specifically targeting the massive 1.3 Billion Indian population.

Looking at the above table we can safely conclude that Indian audience demands porn consisting of Indian cast, Indian storyline however all the Indian pornographic material currently available on the internet is basically low quality MMS, pathetic lighting and camera angles , basically amateur stuff watching which will make you loose your erection.

So I’m seeing a tremendous potential for Indian Production House which makes good production budget pornographic films with Indian casting but adopts the lights camera and other important stuff of Western standards.

India recently had massive 4G internet boom in last 3 years with mobile data becoming as cheap as 0.014 USD per 1 GB and calling has become free.
And how horny and pevert Indian men are is no news to everyone with “bobs and vagene” becoming a global phrase.

However there are many difficulties like finding Indian cast etc which makes others think that overcoming them is not possible and hence idea is stupid.

But I strongly believe with decent amount of funding and if I put my blood into it, it will surely be huge success.


Wow ok, interesting research lmao

Seems plausible tho, idk why they would say its a horrible idea.

And here’s proof of horniness


Well I think i did provide enough proof for hornyness and pevertness in my answer, more is not needed.


Farmer. Never farmed before, have no knowledge or experience of farming, but the idea of farming has always been an attractive one. It’s sort of like with Of Mice and Men except I want tractors and stuff.


Ask T-Series to do it. They already control all the SFW media in india, why not the NSFW as well?

Curley’s wife had it coming


Lenny did nothing wrong but neither did Sheila.


Do we really need to mention T series here :expressionless:

Also they only control 35% of indian music market as on 2014 (Source : Wikipedia)


ever since I was a boy I’ve felt the siren call of show business. the lights, the music, the lovers. I want to feel the applause wash over me and the mascara run down my face as my adoring public cheers my every farewell. I want people to send me letters and cheap chocolates with notes attatched explaining how my vibrant beauty and robust hooters fills a hole in their empty unfulfilled lives that not alcohol, tobacco or family members alone can fill. I’d have it all. I’d be it.

all around me were familiar faces, worn out faces, worn out places…


Who’s that hottie with the sunglasses :eyes:



someone pay for play BD ?


Mine is also to own a bar. Just seems like it’d be super fun :slight_smile:

Aside from that, it would be a teacher though. I’ve always enjoyed teaching others. Prior it was philosophy, but as time’s gone by (and i’ve forgotten half of what i’ve learned in philosophy) i’ve learned I just enjoy teaching in general.