What is Fantasy 2 Alliance Size gonna be like?

It’s in Havoc but I can’t make an account on there to check. I also don’t know if the team sizes change from era to era. Anyone have any idea how large the teams will be when Havoc is over?

No way to know for sure unless you contact an admin but its likely to be the same, and if not it usually ends up only 1-2 away from the previous number.

what is the current alliance team limit? I’m not on the server, but figured i’d ask someone who may know off the top of their heads

It all depends on the admin, who was the previous admin?

They should keep it to 6, maybe reduce it to 5. Number of active players in BD is not it used to be, last F2 era had less than 80 real colonies, rest all were AI colonies.

It would be a big mistake to increase the alliance size.

Ehh most eras have 100+ colonies planted tick one which are all real

Nope, not the last F2. less than 80 real colonies when the round closed.

Simmen. 6 member alliance is the ideal size for F2, not many people playing fantasy 2 ticker.

How do you judge?

I do agree overall alliance sizes with smaller team sizes are more competitive thou

i did a count of real colonies when the era was about to end.