What does Gato mean?





By, for and using cats.

We needed a name and we like cats, what’s the problem?


gato is good name, btw i love cats.


They needed a name, and during brainstorming @Alexander jokingly suggested his furrsona’s name, and it just stuck.


That explains why it’s a cat in the logo.


Actually my Fursona is a 19 year old catshark named Missy who has a strong sense of loyalty, a free mind and is a fierce warrior but as one weakness is a bit too loyal and good so he can have trouble making friends sometimes but when you get to know him…



Who tumblr’d me.


Your fursona is me. Just older. Your fursona existed before I was born. I’m your fursona’s spirit…human? half human? wolf goddess? male human pretending to be wolf goddess? Who knows! Also convince the people at BDA to make it the official BD discord plez ty


Damn, tumblr got you as well.

Everyone, I promise, Gato Games is not just an elaborate Fursona. If I am not mistaken, Andrei was in a car when he came with it. Wearing his human suit, like any human would.


Meanwhile, you sat in the passenger with your fursuit, whispering ideas into his ear


I think it’s far more to do with what Alex was whispering in Andrei’s ear during their romantic dinner date


Rare sighting of Alexander that day eating Andries food as he was away


I work in fast food, maybe that’s me in the background :thinking:


Am I just blind or is there nobody in the backround?


Pretty sure she means the pizza?!


Fairly sure there’s a guy or girl behind the counter there, maybe I’m mistaken.


Oh…I wasnt aware you and holo were so close
Im sure Andrie will find this news upsetting


N-no! I-t’s not what you think! >///< You Baka! We’re str-strangers!

I am filled with regret on that sentence.


I am merely checking her for suspicious spots. She had a few but they ended up just being pepperoni.


any more furry propoganda and i’m gonna start inviting sm forumers


Wow, he whispered to andrei for a whole year?!