Welcome Everyone!


Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new Battle Dawn community under Gato Games. Let us use this fresh start to create an active and friendly place for us to discuss the game, it’s eras, and beyond that just life.

Glad to see this finally up and I thank Andrei and the rest of the Gato team that has made this possible.




I’m very glad to see this game is persistently being cared about as it should be. Though I suspect an introduction wouldn’t be necessary, it seems to me that there are a lot of new players having transitioned from another platform which requires that I introduce myself to them. I’m known as George - which is my real name - under this community’s umbrella as well as under a good deal of different aliases proper to me, including Roses of Sorrow, Sounds of Misery, Tears of Pain, among others. I have been playing BattleDawn on and off for eight years having accumulated 43 wins overall and lots of medals and ribbons mostly playing on fast tickers, including a best of all time ribbon on Mars 3 under T at the time. Though not that fond of strategy peculiar to any one ticker, I’m known to be a persistent and omniscient player on fast tickers whereby I can make quick decisions and be available to cooperate with my teammates.

Welcome everyone old and new, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Very truly yours,