Vent,Rant,Rage thoughts and feelings


Just get whatever off your chest whether it be good or bad

I haven’t slept all that much playing BD

Having alot of fun


hate making tough calls, never leading again.


responsibility sometimes is the heaviest weight


i hate this game…


I hate to keep playing to save people. I gotta be hired.


Its raining alot… not good for ma :cherries: :confused:


I quit

Let me quit pls


After E1 I quit.

For the summer


I hate having to rush 4 squads of inf because the traffic screwed my EoT turn.


Alex needs to admin a server, i do not like anyone else.


I’ve been stress dreaming about battledawn get out of my dreams BD


i hate always dying like @MikotoSouh


Another era presumably down the drain… Haizzz gonna take a break till I get settled in uni


The daily nosebleed that was started during one of my most active, least amount of sleep eras has returned but now its happening twice a day and i almost lost consciousness due to loss of blood. Thinking of seeing a doc soon


I hate the day I came back to play an event era and ended up playing 3-4 eras at the same time again.


i hope you’re not counting f2… that doesn’t count…


I wish I could go to Egypt to help JoJo fight Dio, but my mom said I can’t go until i finish my dinner


I hate that I forgot to log in to this place and now I can’t contest Elcent for longest consecutive log ins


I missed a day due to work :frowning:


Ha! that makes me happy