Tutorial World for New Players

Having new players complete the tutorial in a normal world isn’t the way to go in my opinion. A tutorial world where only the new player is would allow them to learn the basics a lot easier.

Basically, when someone hits New Player on the login screen they would automatically enter their own tutorial world, with a preset location for their colony to be placed. Ticks would happen every 3-5 minutes so they can complete attacks in the tutorial quickly. Bot colonies would be placed in this world for the player to learn how to conquer them.

First, they would attack a bot colony with 0 units and the tutorial would explain how they conquered this colony and now receive resources in the form of tax from it.

Next, they would attack a colony with only 10 or so armor units. The tutorial would have instructed them to build armor AND damage/range to attack with. After the battle it would instruct them to look at the BR, and tell them why their units did so much better than the enemy’s basic armor.

Last, they would use a spy attack on the last bot colony. Obviously the player would have to start off with a spy for this to be doable in a short amount of time.

After they completed the tutorial, they’d be given the 100 blue tokens everyone get’s for joining and be able to choose a world to play in.


I like that, but i also know, i hate long tutorials, i would rather learn myself

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we need a turtorial video , kids these days dont like reading long paragraphs


Yea I hate long tutorials as well. But it would be really good as an optional tutorial. And then remove the tutorial of the guy telling you how to place your colony cause that’s just annoying tbh.

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Pretty sure there used to be a tutorial world back in the day.

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It’s a good idea. However I think the best and fastest way to learn is by playing actual eras.When we started out in this game, we had to rely on the community teaching and accepting new players into bigger alliances.Feeling lost in a sea of players who seem to know what they are doing. Feeling helpless when getting bullied and vowing to one day return stronger to fight your bullies. It’s all part of the experience.

Although I do agree that some video tutorials would do a whole lot of good.


You could use kinda empty worlds and have the admin alliance be like the old newb alliance and pick an area where new players could gather and have stuff spawned by the admin to attack, would require less resources and they could discuss with each other what they have learned. Would take way less resources than a whole tutorial game area and id say the biggest drain would be on the admins time. Though you would probably have to do something like make protection colonies that are permenant until they request to the admin for deletion to start properly elsewhere and have the targets spawned be attackable while under protection. Would also need advertising, maybe a continuous news pop-up saying where it is, could even have the admins switch which world its on each era though a fast world like E3M3F3 would probably be better. Having a community run instruction can be great but it really depends on who is actually free and willing. I remember when I started I had absolutely no idea what I was at but was starting with a relative who was older and we generally figured it out but id say most of the time people just get conquered, try rebel with terrible builds then quit.