Tier 6 buildings

I propose that we add in T6 buildings to every tree.

T6 buildings will cost 10k metal and 5k oil (scale to match other buildings)

T6 FARM: Allows you to upgrade TB. (an upgraded TB will be able to charge a 6 tick shield and will give 10 ticks of radar range. Or charge a 6 tick shield and function as a gate.) It will cost 1k metal and 3k oil to upgrade a TB.

T6 METAL/OIL: Allows you to build upgrades on resources outposts.
(upgraded res ops will give 50% more resources every tick. Once the res op is taken by another team, the upgrades will be destroyed. it takes 12 ticks to upgrade a resource outpost.)

T6 Energy: Allows production of up to (5) energy plant outposts. Each energy plant outpost will cost 50 E, 500metal and 1k oil to build. Each energy plant gives only the owner +1 energy per turn, not the team.

T6 Converter: Allows you to trade workers for resources. (1 worker = 200 Metal, 400 oil, 1 e) (need suggestions on this one)

T6 Silo: Two options: 1.) allows for production of a forth type of unit that has no chassis advantage vs anyone and does 100% weapon damage vs all chassis. Screenshot_6

Option 2: Allows you to build upgraded missile silo. (can hold 2 missiles at a time, or can launch missiles up to 48 ticks, can’t decide.)

T6 Gate: Allows for production of upgraded gate (upgraded gates cost 2k metal and 1k oil to upgrade)
Upgraded gates cannot be jammed OR Upgraded gates cost no energy to travel to and from.

T6 SPY: Allows prodcution of a second agent and allows 20 spies to be placed at a time.

T6 ION: Allows for production of Tesla Towers (idk res at this point fk it)
Tesla towers behave similar to Missles in the fact that they have a 24 tick range.
Each tesla tower will be able to ion any squad/nuke in a 24 tick radius for a cost of 50 E.
Each tesla tower will take 12 ticks to rechange, but will cost nothing to rechage (Cool down basically)


ion would be op bro, no tesla towers lol


Can we get a town hall level 2 colony as well?


i want ice golem troops that have op abilitys when used in AA


This idea is cool. Based on prior experience your changes are far to much work for the current designers to take seriously. (New boss in town soooo maybe?). It is a lot to write, so I will only respond to the hideous ideas, the rest are good/decent/worth trying (with some variation).

T6 Converter:
Disgustingly overpowered especially when you consider boosting. 100 workers would be 40,000 oil. Andre will be so happy. The idea is good though, just not the conversion rates.

T6 Silo:
Makes Obsolete the other chassis and also makes the game-play simpler. Imagine armies of just one unit type that does 100%, it would be purely a numbers game.

T6 Gate: unjammable gate or free to use gate, just no…

T6 ion: way to strong. Maybe same thing but only works eta 3 out?

Thanks for coming up with this list. I hope other people talk about it. I am sorry to say that your efforts are probably a complete waste of time. A lot of these are smart. I like the idea of being able to improve resources, at least in someway. Good luck getting this through for a trial.


I really like this idea, it puts a lot more emphasis on mines instead of just ai colonies, it would certainly change up the strategy for various worlds.


Yeah, that was my attempt at all of these changes.

I agree that the tesla towers are OP but the game as is…well we’ve played the same thing for almost a decade so its hard to find variations in strategy.

Like the the resource op upgrades, it would make the res tree viable. Right now most people either dont build lvl 4 lvl 5 because its like a 3% increase for 7.5k metal… or 6% on the oil.

I just don’t want to see the game die due to lack of changes/updates.

The last big update i can remember is the UI and graphics update.


Always love to see suggestions. And will always encourage they be made. Just because everything won’t be accepted doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea (and can always be considered for future).

As for these specific ideas:
Farm: Seems like you want to basically turn it into a mini colony. Only thing I’d say is if you want it to be like this, it needs to cost more. Especially if allow it to become a gate. 1k metal and 3k oil is nothing for a mini colony to suddenly appear on the frontlines (but with no danger for your actual colony).

Res Ops: I’m hesitant on this one… We already have quite a landslide effect that occurs on most worlds due to res ops. The team that gathers the most will just out produce the other’s. This would only serve to quicken that pace imo. Maybe instead, give another structure a passive feature for it’s T6 to affect res ops (for just you). And not 50%… I’d say something like, 30%/res ops increase in production. This way, the more a team has, the less effective. Allows for smaller teams to get an advantage.

Energy: Interesting idea. Will need to have it work like TB’s though in that if a person owns more than max, it auto downgrades. But also, thinking about the total overall cost of this (the structure upgrade + OP upgrade cost) it may not be worth it :rofl: You could have converted like, a couple hundred energy with the res. So the payback would literally take hundreds of ticks.

Converter: Need different conversion rate for sure. Waaaay OP as is. But perhaps instead, use this T6 for that suggestion I made above on res ops?

Silo: Absolutely not. As stated before, everyone would just make this unit and it would become a numbers game. However, it did make me think of a different suggestion, which was more so a turret kind of idea. Essentially garrisoned units that would have a defensive advantage. Unmovable and limited, but allows for better defensive capabilities and would likely make folks use nukes more (thus slowing down invasions).

Gate: Nope. Needs a complete revamp. Unjammable or no cost travel is just way to OP and eliminates too much strategy. Not sure of another idea for here though.

Spy: Another agent would be nice. But perhaps just 15 spies. I feel like 20 may be too much.

Ion: Current idea is too powerful. Needs a small area of effect so it can’t be used to protect too much area. That way folks can be strategic and place infront of colonies at an angle to prevent nukes from hitting them directionally. You’d have to make it so it couldn’t be used to protect an entire OP, else it’d be too powerful. My suggestion would be make it limited to 1 upgraded OP that would have a 1 tick radius. Any missile that passes through it would be auto destroyed. That way folks would need to focus on a nuke’s pathway. I’d also say make it a 1 time use per upgrade (when it destroys 1 nuke, it downgrades, but takes the hit). Make the cost decently high so it can’t be overly exploited and smart players could send double nukes to pass it for important targets.


This is tanks …

This is really good. 2 missiles in 1 silo could change many things.

This is just too OP. Gates should still be able to be jammed. But Cost to Gate from place-to-place should be reduce by say 50%.


good idea, really good


Level 6 structures was one of my favorite ideas back in the days. It’s super hard to balance, but would be nice. My own twist to it used to be that you could only choose 2 out of the level 6 structures. This would require teams to figure out who should get what for maximum efficiency, as some are good for the team, and some are good for the individual player. Here is my topic on the old forum about it:


Increase the worker cap to 2000 and gain 5 extra workers (with a hard cap on 1500 before it).

Increase your resource cap to 30000 metal/oil

Reduce your travel cost by 20%

Produce 7 energy per tick, max storage 750 energy

Let you decide what your workers should produce. You can change the choice once per 48 ticks. When it hits 48 it resets to 50/50. Reduce conversion cost by 25%.

Let you nuke your alliance’s outposts/colonies, 12 tick to arm.
11% overhead instead of 12

Let you gate for 15% less energy

When an agent is plated in the target, scans, jams and so on is half price. Special operations when your spy is at the target and/or the spy operation to create a spy battle to check for hostile spies.

Ion cannon cost 150 energy

Explonation for the converter one.
In these examples I’ll use 1000 workers as ground value with no boost
50% metal = Percentageworkers0.22=0.5010000.22= 200
50% oil = Percentageworkers0,092=0.0510000.092= 90

With the conversion structure you can, if you have just lost your army and need metal more then oil, set it to produce more metal, for example:

75% metal=0.7510000.22=300
25% oil = 0.25


some variation of this actually would be really cool. Would add another layer of complexity while still keeping core gameplay the same. Although an ion cannon costing 150 is OP since everyone can just feed that one person

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yah, imagine 40 Ions instead of your usual 20