Third party agent

so i just had a few questions on how third party agents worked

so a few people i asked seemed pretty adamant that third party agents would work on ops that had spies of an ally alliance. i wasn’t so sure; i was pretty sure that your agent would kill mine

i tried virus on op on e1 that i knew for sure had my previous alliance’s agent, it didn’t work. it was murdered by their agents.
is lockdown different? or would i receive the same outcome?

then, how, do we make third party agent tactics work?

also - i believe if third party agents are confirmed not to work, then leaving an alliance and using your own agent to lock down a non-full CT OP should not also work as well

Feel free to contact me for test I’m on every world and not hiding - I’m the BOAT rank 8. Shoot me a msg whaatever world u want and we can get testing.

johnnydoe9 is skype username J O H N is the display


Rank 8 BOAT doesnt know how to use spies.


nope i suck balls :frowning:

It works as normal, if your agent has more infil than their agents’ infil (assuming no sp) then ur spy attack will work. For third party spies, just don’t add sp or plant spies that would make the third party spy infil less than ur combined (allied spies loose infill 1 by 1 iirc)


Your spy is captured only if the owning team of the OP has more infil / SP there. Third party agents does’nt take part at all

This is from wiki. I think this makes it clear

and yes locking OP after leaving team works if you dont have SP there and your team disbands all other agents on the OP . or else you need to have more infil than all of them combined

The issue here is it wasn’t a third party spy with an ally per say. It was an opposing spy (it’s not based on YOUR alliance status). You tried to hit your previous alliance’s OP, which you already knew had more infiltration. Therefore, they were (by system standards) the enemy. If there was some other 3rd team with a spy there, then THAT would not have acted to stop your spy attack (and that’s what the person was referring to with 3rd party spy).

Most will have allies plant spies on their stuff however, so they can lockdown an OP without all 24 CTs. You can only LD your own OPs if you fully control them, but in a heated war, the warzone is primarily made up of low CT OPs. Enemies can still lock other teams OPs after just 2 CT, which means allies can do the same.


In my language we call this “drowning by a spoon of water”


thanks i think i understand now and i saw another lock work on an op of an ally but our own agent didn’t die i think i gots it now. tyvm

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