The Return Of The Hooded One

It’s that time again.

Good day to you all, BattleDawnians. It is I, Sir Robin Hood of Nottingham, definitely returning for good.

Look, I hear your sighs of disbelief from here in the past. So what if I’ve come back every April 1st for the last 10+ years to say that I have returned? Those times were all a ruse. This time, for sure, I am here to stay.

Look out, Earth. The Merry Men are soon to return. May your spies prove faithful and your BETTYs be safe from invasion.

Edit: Also, yes, I am aware I missed last year. I think. Did I miss last year? It was not a good year, I probably missed it. Don’t double check my claims. I am never wrong nor do I lie. Just ask @Alexander .


Love this

Welcome back mate

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Holy, I remember you from the OC forums and this was a meme back then even xD