The future of BD

As most of us are aware. Flash will stop being supported by browsers.

This means BD will cease to exist as we know it.

However, there are some possible changes that could be made to improve the game in the long run.

Make BD a .exe:

The first advantage is this would once and for all stop multis.

Make BD $10, give it the features of a full game.

Ok. Lets look at the gaming world and where BD would fit into the main stream. Right now the most popular strategy games are CIV (turn based), Eurpoa Universali (real time), Total Warhammer series (real time/ turn based), and lets just say Star Craft II (real time).

Now where does BD fit in. I would say very well!

Imagine having BD on steam, or even an independent .exe.

You can host all the main server for the regular players to play (Earth, Mars, Fantasy)

but on top of this we could add a map creator, custom games, and custom settings.

Imagine u make a map thats 24 ticks across. put the game up to the live serves with ticks being 30 seconds. resources gained being 2x.

We could turn BD into a real-time team-based strategy game while keeping the original feel of BD.

What im saying is why don’t we copy CIV, have our main servers hosted by admins, but also have custom games be able to be hosted by individuals.

Example: I’m playin e1 and this dude says he can easily 1v1 me.

sure. I open a new game with a small map, each tick is 30 seconds, and we 1v1 .

The gameplay itself of BD is actually very fun, but its just not interactive because it takes at least 20 mins to do 1 movement.

Allowing custom games while still hosting the regular worlds would open up BD to a whole new customer base. People that have lives and cant play 24/7 but can still sit down on a sunday for 6 hours to play a 2k custom tick game.

Moving BD over to a client is going to be required if the game is going to exist by 2020. and since it was JUST acquired by Gato Games i’m sure the company doesn’t want their investment to disappear.

There are also lots of development advantages to being and exe vs web based game.

Let me know any suggestions below, and what you guys think the future of BD holds.


im not familure with all that good stuff but it sounds cool

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Anyone have Andrei’s contact actually. I’m no developer but I want to apply. I have such a passion for this game and no responsiblities in real life, aka I could move and work for Gato games


From what I remember, Alex had a few ideas / plans on where to take the game when flash did run its course. I’m sure Andrei would’ve also had an idea of how he wanted to evolve the game when Gato bought BD.
Not that I’m saying don’t give them ideas haha, just letting everyone know that we are in safe hands


There are multiple options that Gato has discussed and even one or two they’ve built out such as a steam client. I wouldn’t worry too much about the end of flash. Puffin issue needs a resolution though sooner than later

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I was excited, then I read you do not run the show or have a part in running it ):

I am down for something like that.


Oh I don’t claim to run it but Alex who does has mentioned what I said multiple times publically.

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Well this game is so fun. I just dont want to have to spend month at a time playing.

It would gain way more mainstream popularity if the games could be completed in one sitting, hence the custom tick timers and hosting by players.


On the faster tick part. It unfortunately doesn’t work as it is. And to upgrade BD to handle such, we’d essentially be creating an entirely new game at that point (and if we’re gonna put in that much effort, might as well just do BD2 at that point instead).

There has been much talk about how to keep BD up and running. While a concrete determination has not been made yet, there are PLENTY of options that have been explored. But for sure, there’s no need to worry about BD ending with flash.


whatever u guys do just make sure the new BD is mobile friendly as a lot (aproxx 70%) of players are dependent on mobile to login into BD.


100% agree BD must be mobile friendly to survive, def more players would join too if it were mobile friendly.


I especially like the idea of real, or near to real, time movement. It would be cool to see the squads moving on screen and not having to refresh every 5 mins to see if an enemy is moving. Also, to be able to choose how long to play at one time would be hugely popular. Structures, income, etc in seconds not hours; join a four hour game or one week game etc. All this would increase excitement and therefore popularity massively. “I would stand in line for this” !