The fate of minigames


First Question: Will minigames be back? They’re a bit broken at the moment, maybe change them all together?

New host New minigames?

I remember about a year ago I msged alexander about it and he said they are aware of it but its not in the current pipeline, so probably not too soon


O. Good to know. Thanks for the heads up Yeet.


I have looked into them several times now and every time I turn on debug mode, they work.

It’s incredibly frustrating!

Eventually i’ll duke out what the actual problem with them is and fix it… Hopefully…


Good luck fixing it then, thanks both Yeet and Product Manager, the Alexander


Probably low on the list of things to work on though


this is arguably the most important problem to fix in bd


Fairly yes, it’s more of a, if I can figure out how to fix it at some point and it’s not too much, it’s a nice to have. Having bugs in the game kind of irks me a bit, kind of like having a stain on your shirt… It’s not a big deal for this one, but it’s still unsatisfying :stuck_out_tongue:

New host New minigames?

Guys… we need to blow this WAAAY out of proportion. Everyone throw a huge fit. We all quit until the free mini games are back up and running.


I’ll just quit in general. And then lurk on the forum forever. Surely they’d fix it then,


Stop threatening the higher ups with a good time.


MINIGAMES OR RIOT (extra characters)


So whats the update on the mini games because they are a bit broken at the moment, plus the one that does work, Battle mechs, doesn’t give you anything.


we already have a thread discussing this.


Whooosh, merging powers in action!

As said earlier in the thread, we’re hoping to fix it in time, just, many things to do and this particular issue seems right now unreasonably tricky for the effect. :slight_smile: We’ll still fix it if we figure it out, though!


they are alredy on it.


Thats another company.