That moment when

This is my first post here, so hopefully I’m posting in the right category…so for all of you who have been playing BD any time at all…you have at one time or another DIED! You’ve either died because you made a bad decision, died because you fell asleep on the front lines, died because your alliance mates called you a thousand times and you didn’t answer, or died because you just got mad and gave up. What is your most memorable death?

I’ll start…my most memorable death was on mars3 when I was playing in SWAT. We stayed up for hours on end day and night, never giving up, but TK kept bringing in sub, after sub, after sub…and in the end…they nuked us into a corner, and then nuked us to death…literally…oh and there’s the other time when Joe put super units on the relic that Lady Cathryn and myself attacked…he literally wiped out like 80 of our squads…ughh!

Ok your turn to share…


Well, my story isn’t that great as the one of that team who died because a certain person needed a toilet break, but there was this one time I went to Antartica with Gavin (Kodak) and Chris (Redwurm)(? could have been someone else honestly…) and we did an attack and all lost our army if I am not mistaken. Something bad.

How, you ask? We suicided it right into the enemy. We all trusted each other to be professionals who scan and check. All 3 of us. Nobody actually did it. We all thought the others did.

We weren’t very angry, we were mostly very amused. Still won the era…


Not a major one, but had been pulling multiple long nighters against @Gaurav and friends, being called multiple times a night over time really weares you out. I had barely any energy (for sp) and knew that almost any op that was old would be unsafe. So with that in mind I moved my squads on delay to avoid being locked and killed (as I was outnumbered in the area). In the team chat @Yaz let out a laugh as he said they locked an op but with that it didn’t matter as we were on delay.
Unfortunately yaz then went off for 30 minutes and I just couldn’t find what op he was talking about. I was tired and wanted to get back to bed, so I turned my squads (only like 5) to reset the delay. Turns out I’d turned them straight into the lock. Ended up being bailed out by Yaz when he made the op a TB and rushed some units, but damn I felt like an idiot for that one


well, last F2 I died because I nuked my own army… I had a nuke about 24 ticks away, launched at his colony. I attacked his colony a few ticks later with my army, but he relocated. Now, my army is sitting on the outpost where his colony used to be, right where my nuke was headed. I took no notice of that and just decided to go to sleep(since we had the era won already, at like tick 350) So I nuked myself, and ended up dying in my sleep :slight_smile:
I thought it was fuckin hilarious at the time, and it’s still pretty amusing


It was in CE2. This was… I think the 2nd time I died? Maybe the 3rd, I don’t remember for sure. But basically, my team had rebuilt up after Iceman and friends killed us in Russia and we relocated to AA to recoup. After changing up my team to be a bit more active, we rebuilt, moved into EU and began to push them along with Milan and friends. We, however, decided to go extremely specialized. And by that, I mean we were veh anti tank. Like, 90% We hardly built anything else. Majority of Iceman’s teams were tank. We eventually get to the camp wall part of the era where they were all turtled up in Aussie. My team made a push with a long ETA attack (it was really just to try to force them to make a long ETA defense so one of the other teams could attempt a push as well). However, it was late into the era and EVERYONE was tired. And unfortunately, it wasn’t Iceman and friends who defended against us… it was IND. Their only vehicle based defensive team. 300 Moo squads vs 242 IND squads. We thought “worse case scenario, we win, but it could hurt”. The ETA was like, 10+ i believe. So we landed really late for most of my team (america’s). I ended up getting called on 1 minute before we landed and we only had 4 of the 10 players online… sooo we took it. Womp.



which one do I pick?

It’s a tie between when my team came with 200 squads or so to AA against PLO, PSI, and Traj and lost spectacularly (sorry to everyone in my team that era <3) , or the era completely or when I mismanaged diplo and provoked the world after fighting everyone when our enemies gave their land and conquers to other teams while sending everything they had to attack us, only to be betrayed by a sleeping team I had let relocate beside me (who then went on to win the era).


Holy crap AngelWings, thought you were long gone. Literally carried my first victory era in a number 1 (on an F2 with Michael Greenfield as leader; we won against LEGEND & CO by spy-trapping into a nuke after most our team quit while you were the only one left actively organizing.) I always respected the come from behind victory potential after that.

I don’t have a most memorable death in a loss because I was always one of the last in my team to give up, and I refuse to be one of those people to jump-teams to stay alive. My most memorable loss is an F3 agesss back (literally 2 different ones > 3 years ago). The first would be the era we (SGC) backstabbed GOO for LULZ while they just beat 3 POB alliances; that era ended in our “lumber mill of death” legend where 250+ POB(sub) squads died to our 300 (SGC squads) on a fucking lumber mill on a 2500-tick spy. We thereafter referred to this event as the “lumber mill of death” and recognized the importance of sneak res op spies.

The second would the era we (SGC) beat POB & 3 subs then decided to fight GOO on F3 because YOLO. We lost very quickly (they had a sub and we did not).

My most memorable “victory” death is the time MY OWN FUCKING TEAM NUKED ME ON THE NEXT TO LAST TICK AND I WENT FROM 7TH TO 11TH PLACE BECAUSE OF IT. STILL SALTY. Zealot got the ribbon.


I still check in from time to time. I planted on e2 a couple days ago. Probably time to play a serious era again huh? I have been absent from playing for 10 months, but gaurav messaged me on Skype telling me that bd had some changes of management. I also saw ilona’s post on the bd Facebook page.


It was a few eras ago in E1, we were fighting PS and co. on EU coast, three of us(Josh, leero and me) were sitting on the frontlines, holding them back. They attacked with 5 armies(I guess, we were outnumbered for sure as we were only 3) so we moved back, except leero. He wasn’t online yet, he’s where I fked up. The op we were sitting on was mine, and I started razing it. They were eta 3 to the OP, they would have got it anyways, but I started razing the OP (facepalm). Leero ended up having his phone on silent and never moved, and I couldn’t relo to save him as I was a fucking noob.
Edit: still am a noob.


Not an army (did I ever lose my army?) but I remember losing 2 squads of R5 because I was ioned 12(!!!) times on a 6 squad attack where my origin had been taken. That still hurts. Ions on CEs are no fun.


Back on the OC, I remember I had an era on Fantasy where I was not leader. I took over about mid era, but was not involved in any of the politics prior. To my surprise, I found out my previous leader had basically pissed on the entire world right before giving me leadership (yay). So I got to deal with that. Surprisingly though, even though we were fighting on multiple fronts, we managed to beat back most of the competition. Then right when we thought we had gotten to a good point to turn things around, we got betrayed from behind. So we decided to screw those guys and pulled everything back to kill them. We beat them in a 9v10. The last guy was going to land 1 tick late. We still had around 300 tanks alive and some were R4 and R5. But we had no armor (which we didn’t think about). So the last member kept going and barely killed us because he had armor and we had none. :joy:

I kinda miss being a noob.


hmmmm…Ive always died…which one do i pick xD…Need a good team so that i can die and then tell u all a good story lol. my death till now has always been in sleep xD