Swap OPs (titles require 15 chars?!?)

Ability to give ownership of an OP to an alliance member which resets control ticks, will make taking over the likes of NZ in order to relocate your alliance easier. Basically saves you having to raise stuff in order to stick a new OP down and also for the likes of training bases it can add strategic depth by having new tactics like swapping TB ownership to the guy with most resources or when your about to take a new one.


While in a sense, I like the idea (as it’s also a pain when someone decides to leave alliance and you have to coordinate keeping your network), I can also see this highly abused unfortunately.

Biggest flaw I can see is the potential for farming. Get a friend to place and they only make OPs for you. They can transfer the OPs to you and you can raze for near infinite workers and some additional res.

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While I agree that it is exploitable people can still OP farm anyway and while the worker transfer could be an issue it would be the same as having someone feed res after 100 ticks except the res lost for building the OP then razing.Granted the main two resources that are hard to exploit are workers and energy so maybe with the transfer it would cost workers for the receiver? though that would probably be difficult to code or at least add to the difficulty, could count it as a transfer of workers in the OP kinda like a change in administration?

It would not be the same as giving resources. You lose workers very quickly when being fed res, but if you were fed OPs straight-up you gain 5 workers per raze.

Which is why I followed up with the receiver paying workers

My bad, I did miss that bit at the end of a sentence.

Following off of that, you would need to make the worker “cost” a function of current World resource costs (like in the boosting menu). The impact of a single OP transfer would vary likely a significant amount during a single era.

Honestly I don’t really see how farming via OP transfer would be any different than how current OP farming exists. It would still be pretty obvious to anyone watching if it was being abused and there are already trackers in place for OP’s made/lost/captured/razed.

Unless you make the cost of the op transfer the same as placing, would that work?

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Yeh I feel like if you transfer an op it should cost both the owner and recipient some res, that way both parties lose and can’t be easily abused

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