Suggestions from Old Forum

Here are some suggestions that had a good discussion and was good to the community but the Dev didn’t give a shit.

I liked his comment tho, would be better if it were rng.


Psi you cursed wtf you can’t DO that in a forum post

Maybe shield ticks can be taken down per nuke hit but I don’t think it should be RNG I think the ticks should be set

It’s too wild to guess when it will go down for both the attackers and the defenders on top of all that the attackers have to guess how many ticks the defenders charged the shield… u.u

I think shield is almost OP nowadays because people use it to sleep on the frontlines. I think shield still would definitely still be good against spammers/plants in hive as they do not have nukes, but it would also weaken this tactic of relocating to the front as a place to sleep. It’s especially annoying if people camp the shield after the colony’s been conquered (till a certain tick) u.u

Assuming you mean nukes can only take down shield ticks while the shield is activated, does this new nuke addition solve the issue of shield camping? If a colony with shield is getting nuked, do those people stay on the colony? Usually, no… if someone gets spammed, does he keep the shield on? No. So… in which situation would this be good? A nuke attack plus army attack? Well, you’d have to catch a guy offline, so i guess it could be good in farming inactives like me u.u

So what if the nukes decrease the shield duration while its on standby to activate, but not activated? Well, i dont think this can be a boon to the attackers because the attackers have to guess whether or not the opponent is on to have recharged the shield or whether he took it off standby. u.u You could argue that it is also good in the last bit of war where you’re at his hive and you’re barraging him with nukes, but really it’s just a quality of life change at that point because your enemy’s pretty much dead to rights if he’s at that point imo

I don’t think it’ll be a big game changer though if this is implemented tbh

I think it could be a good quality of life change because waiting on shield can be kind of AIDS, especially on a one ticker.

So sure, it could be nicer in farming actual players who are inactive

I don’t think RNG is good in any game btw
runescape sucks cuz of rng hits
league of legends needs to get rid of crit
why do jams last 3-6 ticks and ld last for 3-6 and radiation anywhere from X-XX?

What I think really needs to happen is that offense needs to be stronger relative to defense. Defense is too strong because you can’t see what the opponent sends. He can send bluff defenses and force someone to turn. Then it becomes a battle of eots. Eot in this game past :10 becomes more luck than skill imo especially on Earth worlds u.u

I don’t know what suggestions I have to fix this. Maybe it’s better this way and it gives the person who is in a 1v2 situation a chance to successfully win since defense is stronger. Maybe buffing offense would make families/subs too strong. I’m not sure but usually every era I run into a situation where one alliance just stacks their armies at one place, and another stacks their armies at another OP and we just stare at each other and its like lol
If they send one army past the frontline you can just match that army with one of yours no?

just my thoughts u.u


when I said this in mass chat a few months ago everyone said it was a horrible idea

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Excellent point tbh. Lockdowns are enough RNG too themselves. Including more hazards for attackers will only dissuade further any actual action in BD.

Agree and disagree. 12 ticks on a 1-ticker is OP, 12 ticks on a 3-ticker is just enough to sleep comfortably for a bit; either are unsustainable in the long-run especially with relocating colonies to the frontline which costs a lot of fuel and energy. Maybe scaling it to the tick-speed of the world would be a consideration? As somebody who loved to relocate to the frontlines, I still rarely needed to use my shield (as in most circumstances when you relocate to the frontline you expect to be nuked and already don’t care about your colony population or if you are risking 50+ xtals or conquers).

Maybe a resource/energy penalty when you get hit by a nuke? Might help make them a bit more ‘oomph’ instead of just the workers. Perhaps nukes disrupt shields for 1 tick afterwards?

Nope and wrong. Hive defense/attack is the easiest way to lose your entire army accidentally. I consider it extremely dangerous.


If you rush it and do it piss poor it is…

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