Staff Changes - Ilona, Ash

Hi Commanders,

As some of you may know, Ilona has recently stepped down from her role at Battle Dawn. She’s served this game at various points over the past 10 years and was a crucial and irreplaceable asset - usually in a leadership role - for the first Championship Era, the Battle Dawn re-design and many other projects over the years, in addition to her marketing work, community management work and product management work at various stages As someone hired by her, she was always passionate about the game and a fighter when needed the most. She will be pursuing other opportunities in life and I’d like to thank her and wish her the best!

In addition to this, Ash has also decided to step down from her role at Battle Dawn. Being part of the moderator team, and later the admin team, before most of us were even in the game, she has been a staple of Battle Dawn and a reliable source of good humor, spirit and fun events. Many of us have played with her (and boy, those eras got interesting fast!) and it’s next to impossible not to have been on one of her worlds before. It’s fair to say the game would not have been the same without her and we wish her the best in her life beyond Battle Dawn and thank her for her long years of service! She will be finishing on-going eras where possible.

Both of these team members held immeasurable value to us and are sure to contribute greatly wherever they go in life. We can’t hold onto everyone forever, especially as we approach the next generation of BattleDawn, we hope both will stay around to be part of our community as they explore what life can offer them.

We will be re-assigning the worlds left behind to the admin team, taking into account each members available time. I hope you’ll support them and help them grow and make the worlds fun in their own way.

Simen will be taking over CE, joining Josh in that Team. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and we have great faith they’ll make the era the best it can be.