Spy Protection Experiment

Hey guys. So whilst on my semi-holiday from the game I decided to experiment and look at a few things around spy protection and its in game cap limit. After adding tons of spy protection diligently to my colony. I realized the following :

  1. The Max Correctly Displayed sp is 9999 ticks of Spy Protection

(I did actually get to the 9999 figure exactly, but forgot to take a screenshot. Now I can’t be bothered to run down my sp just for the sake of the screenie)

  1. The Max Cap for Spy protection however, extends beyond 10000 ticks and beyond however the game will only display the first 4 digits.


In the above shot, the spy protection is actually 10012 ticks.

  1. There is still a question left unanswered of where the cap actually ends with my best guess being that it probably has a limit beyond 1 million ticks, judging from the resource cap during havoc. Again, I can’t be bothered to keep going all the way to beyond a million spy protection ticks.:joy:

Hope this totally unnecessary piece of information was enjoyable to read! :rofl::rofl: Greetings from the ATOMIC Family. See you around Dawners!


Did you just spend enough money to end world hunger on spy protection


4,294,967,295 if its 32 bit integer or 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 if its 64 bit integer