Soooo things seem to have changed

Been gone for a year or two and went to the old forums and was directed to tacticsofts new forum and then redirected to here, have the rules changed much?? Used to use the Tag Cianog of Eire also if anyone remembers me and has a discord or whatever, be nice to get back in ;)~


Welcome back Cianog. Glad to see you checking into BD. BD is now under new management, and no longer owned by Taticsoft. The game rules are pretty much the same, unless some eras they make special rules for. The best way to get back in the game is to look up old friends, as well as go ahead and plant on an era, and post a request for an alliance. You can also add me on skype if you have it. Butterflywings1279 is my skype name. I’ll be glad to put you with some players to play an era with.


when a players name is butterfly wings. play with them.


Keith of Eire is still sometimes around