Sometimes it's best to walk from Conquerers

For those who can’t see what the images say, its says, “Conquerers are like school bullies. They pick on the weak, show you are not weak and they will not bother you”

Fighting fire with fire isn’t the solution if you’re being bullied at school, you shouldn’t show that you are not weak and bring a gadget (ahem long black thing that goes pew pew) to school and teach them a leason. That isn’t the solution, in fact, you are no better than they are just because they wronged doesn’t mean you should stoop down to their level.

Some times it is better to just to walk away and, u can just relocate your base


Thats what someone that gets conquered a lot would say


I mean if every person who actually got conquered ganged up on the big stock bullies(in this normally top players mass conquering smaller guys). They would have a run for their money. Take their radars and gates. They will lose their minds because they cant maintain their wreckage farming and taxation.

Instead we get small guys fighting smaller guys in a weird dog eat dog world. So many eras go by with no big upsets or anyone else rising up to challenge.