Some Questions I have Regarding BD and BD2

Will BD ever get ported to HTML? Will BD be shutdown once BD2 is out? What is CE3? Will BD2 have a feature that changes the graphics to be more like BD? Why does the galaxy servers get hosted on a different website than the rest of BD? Phew!


Only question I can answer here is CE3. CE stands for championship era, and is supposed to be the best of the best battledawn players fighting it out for supremacy. There has only been 2 ever and it is played on earth realm 6. When GATO purchased battledawn, they announced that there will be a third (and last?) championship era sometime in 2020.

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I really hope it won’t be the last.

Last CE on BD. Im sure BD2 will have some.

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When Flash dies we are all transferring to a traditional RTS style of pen & paper and mailing our moves to each other and the admin. Ticks will take place over the course of a week, with the era lasting the remainder of our lives.


imagine having an eot call with that

Gotta train your own delivery pigeons to arrive with correct timing based on the position of the sun. Can’t rely on humans for something that precise, we’re too easily distracted.

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And then we could intercept the mail like using agents.

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imagine admins banning you, like oh shit. honey why is Jeffs house on fire?

Husband: dammit Jeff, I told you using multis was a bad idea


Real life multis. The future is here

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