Some of you might know me


Hey everyone,

I’m Rob. I’ve been playing this game with on and off breaks since the very start of Battle Dawn. I happened to be randomly dropping in when I discovered about all the changes happening currently and I was very happy to hear about it that I decided to stick around for a little and be part of it. I really like this game and part of me never seems to let go of it fully.

Here’s a little bit about me:

  • I’m a history and sociology researcher. I’m also a filmmaker.
  • If I am familiar with the given topic, I can go on forever about sociology, history, film, and philosophy. Don’t test me if you’re not willing to suffer through my lectures.
  • If you’re a new player, don’t be shy just hit me up! I love mentoring new players in this game.
  • I read a lot of academic essays. Boring… but useful.
  • I dislike easy ready-made answers, especially in response to grand questions.
  • I collect music records
  • I’m obsessed with music and instruments. I play the guitar, bass, drums, ney, cajon, kawala… I make some negligible money one the side gigging in my city with my band (whom I currently live with).

Hit me up for anything and let’s keep this community alive :slight_smile:


Hello there rob. Nice to meet you.


Welcome back Rob! Nice to see you back :slight_smile:


Hey Rob. Welcome to the new and improved Gato Games BattleDawn


Hey Alex, thanks :smiley:
Good to see the good ol’ familiar faces


Hey, its this guy
Hows things man?


Looking at your avatar I feel like I know you, is thar right, or is there just a ton of people with V logos?


Nice to see you around again Rob!

– Other Alex


You forgot my name!! :sob:


Chill out Alex! Don’t be like that*.


Alex… what are you talking about… There is no Josh.


Hey other Alex, good to see you again
could you please tell the other Alex to stop joshin around?


Really Simmen :frowning:
You’ve already forgotten about that E1 draft lol?


hi Rob,
nice to see you
Still curious about wich Rob is Back
i got 6 Rob as players in skype


I said I thought I remembered you, that’s more than I do for most people!

But you expect me to know that you’re the Rob that you are? There’s got to be at least a 100 Robs in BD :stuck_out_tongue:

But nice seeing you again, but glad to see that your life seems to be doing fine. You’re living one of my dreams, to live with the people I made music with, really happy for you :slight_smile:


I’m sorry my name is not as exquisite as yours Simmen lol. Btw it’s actually Roberto so maybe I should switch to that one day…
Honestly, it’s quite a good time to be me which wasn’t always the case :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice seeing you again bro :slight_smile:


The name is a gift… and a curse


add me so when u can.
my skype=yozius
im doing a collection of Rob s :smile:


You are back! Hey Rob!!


Hi rob ppbhardwaj here I think UK me