Skype mass chat

The skype mass chat has been behaving weird for a few weeks now, is it time for us all to mass migrate to a different communication medium like discord?


Perhaps i was just removed from it but it shows up in the chat menu and when i click it dissapears


we have alot of oldies who play the game i don’t know if they would migrate tbh

Im 23 and I just can’t use discord I find it really complicated and don’t feel like learning it sorry skype interface is just much more simple to me


Yeah I’m getting heaps of problems in it also, I guess having a discord option outside of the BDA would be nice alternative.


discord is gay if youre a battledawner and you dont use skype you need to get the fuck out of here


Why not both? Discord is better for large groups skype is better for teams, having a general discord chat for BD would be good and well if its official ya can have diff categoriessome of which can be used for trolling and toxic bs if people wish and others can be used for those who like skipping that bs


No. Skype is much better. It just is. The interface is much easier to use.


and discord is not? :open_mouth:

Discord is perfect for 500 players we can play music, have voice channels. No one gets bored.


Good thing about discord is you can get into calls to discuss situations quickly instead of agreeing to a call, making a new chat to start the call, and then later if someone in the previous group call isnt around you need to make another chat or keep kicking and re-adding people as they want to join in on the situation


Mate. Battledawn aint no MOBA MMORPG or RTS. its tick based. who the fuck needs voice calls?


I think saying Skype has an easier interface is not giving discord a chance. Set up a server right and you’d have a far easier time coordinating people and keeping track of information (BRs, Armies, When to jam, etc.)

Skype’s “new” interface is also terrible on GPU usage on the phone, and I’d rather be called on Whatsapp than skype anyway

I don’t think we should all migrate because that’d be impossible, but having discord as an option is something people should think about


I would have less of an issue taking any arguments about Discords interface seriously if they actually supported chat previews :’)

I don’t like new Skype whatsoever, but it would be impossible for me to track what’s going on on a decently fast note without the handy preview of the last messages… It lets me take a quick look around and have an idea of what might be important and what isn’t.

I wouldn’t be able to play this game, personally, if I’d have to click one by one all my conversations/chats and figure out what’s going on with them…

Also, I have Skype set up properly during eras so it’ll call my phone when I am not on Skype or connected to the net, very convenient. It also uses significantly less power than Discord did on my phone - to the point where I uninstalled discord because it was wrecking my battery with just like 7 (small) servers or something… Despite having like 500 Skype contacts? 1k at this point? A lot.

Honestly if it were up to me, I’d love if the community migrated to Telegram. A group system that is even simpler than Skype’s and Whatsapps but a lot more powerful, useful bots like Discord (and even easier to write custom for alliances and such!), Channels for non-chat stuff like announcements, orders, scans and chats with rich support for notifications like Skype and to some extent discord. It’s stable, super light weight, has a great array of gifs and such, allows you to use separate usernames and such to keep pleasure separated from work and still have both in the same client, allows you to give people your username without number and restrict them accordingly, supports self-destructing messages if you’re into that, and you can ctrl v your screenshots and have them uploaded by telegram and easily viewable without any bs or “Open” clicking. Its neat!

But alas, that’s never going to happen, and between limiting my diplo/activity to be able to use Discord, and sticking to Skype which has always worked for me besides the occasional bug, I think I know my own choice :stuck_out_tongue: