Shut eras after tick 100 or idk when - any suggestions are welcome

Planters of all sorts can get super annoying

Would be pretty nice if eras were shutdown after a certain tick so that both admins and players don’t have to deal with planter complaints - if someone still wants to plant on that specific era they can contact the admin on skype

idk just an idea - would get rid of all those armour rushes and other sorts of advantages used with planters


Uhmm this is a war game. In actual wars guerilla fighters are placed everywhere at inconvenient times. I don’t mind planters. Maybe because I played against POB so much in the past. They always used planters.


I hate biasing discussions, but we’ve actually discussed this in depth internally before.

The big downsides we keep running into are people wanting to recruit late, newbs and returning vets wanting a world to place, watchers…

Plus some enjoy the challenge of placing on dominated worlds and trying to win.

Especially on solo worlds, we dont really like the suddenness of late planters though, so we’re quite interested in ideas that make them less sudden without harming the other groups…


Oh man I wish this was in effect when you were nopy and you did that every single era to rush armor and farm colonies especially on Joe worlds where you know he is gone couple days at a time so your multies have a day or two to cause chaos :slight_smile:


Honestly I would suggest that after 100 ticks any new plants lose protection if 30 or more soldiers are trained,+ launch delay of 15 or so ticks after protection is lost.