Should we have a duo/trio era?

Can we have a duo / trio era on earth soon preferably a slower one? Anyone interested?

  • Yes
  • No

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Duo on Fantasy, EARTH SUCKS


Idm the map just a slower tick speed and 2/3 member per team…

Like slow as in 1 ticker or as in 2 ticker?

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Yup :black_large_square: @Simmen @Elcent

@ an admin then as they make their worlds

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I’ll do F2 next era as a 2 player world. Prepare your teams!


Ready , @Cool_Dude123 :smirk:

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I’ll be doing a duo on G4, single ticker upon reset.


an E5 duo would be tight

Do a trio!!!on F1 whoever is admin lol

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@Hawk hope you’ve got enough sleep

damnit duo on fantasy is SO TEMPTING

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You too :wink: :slight_smile:

Hawk quit for good no? Spoke to him a few days back, he was thoroughly fed up

World is over in about 13 hours. I htink E2 is ahead in reset que, but should restart in not too long.

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